The Sartorius key platform to automation is based on the use of the flexible Digital Control Unit (DCU). Key design principles for its human machine interface are “intuitive use”. By grouping process parameters, controls and alarms around a process diagram, user actions are effectively directed through the menu.
In addition the BioPAT® DCU is equipped with guided calibration procedures for pH and DO probes and enables feeding strategies  based on automated sequences.
Compared with an engineered system the BioPAT® DCU offers an unmatched price-performance-ratio, covering broad standard and advanced functionality, ready-to-use. Increased operational efficiency can also be achieved in related process  steps like media preparation or cell harvest where the BioPAT® DCU serves  as local control unit for our FlexAct® unit operations (e.g. FlexAct® MP and FlexAct® CH).

Besides the BioPAT® DCU offers  a plug-and-play interface to the Sartorius BioPAT® MFCS SCADA Software to enable supervisory bioprocess  control and data acquisition.

The optional DCU Integrated Configuration Environment (ICE) is a Windows®-based program to configure DCU systems according to special needs, which includes changes in IO-Hardware, Function Blocks (measurement, control) and HMI.

Applications of the BioPAT® DCU

  • process-near visualization and control of process state and parameters
  • reliable monitoring and control from
  • upstream to downstream
  • small-scale to large-scale
  • single-use to reusable applications

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