The Right Equipment for Your Sterility Test

Be sure you stay within the limits: Use the peristaltic pump with the lowest particulate emissions

International regulations permit no more than 3,520 particles per m3 in ISO 5 class cleanrooms for sterility testing.

In a head-to-head comparison test at the highest speed, the particulate emissions of our Sterisart® Universal pump were far below this limit and thus even 60 times lower than that of the peristaltic pump of Competitor A – with Sterisart® Universal, you can be sure that you will be working in compliance with regulatory standards.

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Downloads & Publications

Product Datasheet: Sterisart ® Family — Consumables for Sterility Testing

PDF | 4.7 MB

Catalog for Microbiological Control

PDF | 11.4 MB

Sterility Testing of Parenteral Drugs

PDF | 6.0 MB

Teste de esterilidade Uma questao de seguranca

PDF | 1023.9 KB

Eine Frage der Sicherheit_Der Sterilitätstest von Parenteralia

PDF | 179.8 KB

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