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Liquid Transfer is an essential part of bio-manufacturing processes. For every clean or sterile transfer between different single-use, multi-use systems, or aseptic transfer through the walls of production areas or isolators, you will find the adapted Pre-Designed Solution. Robust, sterile and ready to use Tuflux® Transfer Sets and Biosafe® Raft Systems create flexibility in all your process steps. Tuflux® tubing coils are also available to build your own assemblies.

Tuflux® tubes for the transfer of critical fluids

Tuflux® Thermoplastic Elastomer & Silicone Tubing

Tuflux® TPE tubing has been designed for robust sterile welds and seals in all process steps.

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Takeone® Pre-Assembled and Single-Use Sampling Solution

Collect perfectly representative samples without any risk from cross contamination, incorrect assembly or ineffective cleaning and sterilization...

Takeone® Aseptic Sampling System

Biosafe® RAFT Optimizes Your Facility Footprint and Costs

Break The Wall: The Biosafe® RAFT (Rapid Aseptic Fluid transfer) System provides easy-to-use and reliable through-the-wall sterile or contained...

Biosafe® Monolever Port

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