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Media and Process

Media & Process

High-Titer and Product Quality Solutions

Benefit from our skilled team of experts to ensure your upstream process and media provide the optimal titer and product quality you need. We combine our industry-leading cell culture know-how with long-standing media & process development excellence and analytical expertise, to support your most challenging CHO processes. Explore our potential!

Increase your titer in just 3 weeks!

With our dedicated expert team, fast solutions, and high throughput technology, we can get you to an optimized media and process within 3 weeks

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Market leader in high throughput technology

By using the Ambr® technology we can provide fast solutions for custom media process

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Particle Validation Standards

Control particulate matter in your injectables.

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Our Approach = Your Success


Start, pause and stop anytime


Recommendation by Cellca - Decision by client


Comprehensive data packages after each round


Project scope according to your needs


Free CHO Media Sample Kits

Sample media for recombinant proteins and monoclonal antibodies (mAbs).

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Achieve 3 g/L or more!

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Need to test the safety of you cell line?

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Benefit from our expert support & optimize your cell culture media

Sartorius’ media services team can provide cell culture solutions specific to your unique processing needs.


Reduce your time-to-market with the optimal media

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