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The iQue® 3 Advanced Flow Cytometry Platform — Go from Samples to Actionable Results in Record Time

Traditional flow cytometers have been good at capturing a small number of samples and performing in-depth analysis on either the phenotypes or the captured signals in separate assays due to the wide range of fluorescent signals. This makes it necessary to run separate assays at differing time points, reducing biological relevance and making it difficult to compile and merge the data for interpretation.

The iQue® advanced flow cytometry platform utilizes a fixed wide dynamic range allowing for the collection of both the phenotypes and functional analysis of secreted cytokines simultaneously, eliminating the discrepancy of different time points or the need to split samples for subsequent analysis.

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Watch the iQue® 3 In Action 

Watch the iQue® 3 Advanced Flow Cytometry Platform In Action 

System Overview: iQue® 3 Advanced Flow Cytometry

  • A simple, scalable, multi-user environment featuring walkaway automation, comprehensive analysis and visualization tools that are not available in traditional flow cytometers
  • Walk-up-and-use operation that eliminates the need for pre-analytical user setup and power users
  • Flexible plate formats suitable for a broad range of cell and bead-based analyses

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Rapid, Walkaway Processing of  96 or 384 Well Plates

  • Patented, rapid microvolume sampling processes 96 well plates in as few as 5 minutes or 384 well plates in 20 minutes
  • Samples are delivered to detectors in an air-gap delimited stream, so an entire plate of data can be processed at one time
  • Generous cartridge station allows for unattended multiple plate processing

Explore iQue® Cell Phenotyping and Secreted Protein Detection within the Same Well

Real-time Data Acquisition and Analysis and Dynamic Visualization of Results

  • Rapid assay optimization – adjust a gate to see updated plate-wide analysis in real time
  • Easy, interactive assay development and decision environment that is reproducible across plates
  • Plate level annotation, analysis, and visualization integrated within the standard population selection tools

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Biologically Relevant, Reproducible, and Cost Effective Flow Cytometry



Relieve capacity bottlenecks throughout your entire experiment with the fastest plate sampling, integrated analysis, and novel data reduction tools



Conserve precious samples and reagents by sampling as little as a single microliter from miniaturized assay volumes



Generate more biologically relevant data through simultaneous measurement of phenotypes and cytokines in the same well



Enjoy a simple, multi-user environment with walkaway automation features including 48 hour uninterrupted run times and automated QC bead vortexing on-...



Dramatically reduce time to decision with novel visualizations that facilitate the fastest path to actionable results, even from complex data sets


The iQue® 3 Advanced Flow Cytometer

See the iQue® 3 in action and discover how it can transform your research

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Flow Cytometry Applications

Advanced Flow Cytometry Applications to Support Your Most Important Research 

To efficiently characterize disease states and to develop a clear picture of how single cells respond to a stimulus, whether it’s a small molecule, antibody, cytokine, or other entity, quantitative measurement of multiple biological readouts is required. 

iQue® Flow Cytometry Applications enable the assessment of multiple cell types and a range of cellular parameters in a single well, allowing for a streamlined workflow, improved data coherence and a highly informed data set.

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Antibody Characterization

Increase data throughput and quality by multiplexing antibody binding, function, and titer across the process.

Cytokine Profiling

Assess multiple cell parameters faster, with fewer cells and less reagents.

Cell Monitoring and Workflows

Streamlined combined workflows and protocols that are simple and easy to follow providing greater biological insights

Immune Cell Function

Understand the Complexities of the Immune System with the iQue® Advanced Flow Cytometry Platform

Cell Health & Proliferation

Analyze cell health, viability and proliferation on a cell-by-cell basis with the iQue® Advanced Flow Cytometry Platform

Flow Cytometry Software, Reagents, and Consumables

Flow Cytometry Software

iQue® Forecyt® Software —Rapid Data Visualization and Interpretation

The integrated iQue® Forecyt® software addresses the analysis bottlenecks associated with multi-parametric data generation by enabling rapid data visualization and interpretation.

Reduce data analysis times from days to minutes by having all of your data analyzed as soon as the plate is done sampling.

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Flow Cytometry Reagents & Consumables

Optimized for the iQue® Advanced Flow Cytometry Platform

iQue® Kits, most of which have been developed to work with no-wash protocols, are packaged to suit a wide range of throughput needs. 

These kits, in conjunction with an iQue® Advanced Flow Cytometry Platform and iQue Forecyt® Software, provide an integrated screening solution enabling high content, high throughput screening of cells and beads for deeper insight into complex biologies.

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iQue® Specifications & Optical Configurations

The iQue® 3 is Available In Multiple Optical Configurations and Flexible Plate Formats

The iQue® 3 flow cytometry platforms come in 3 configurations to address a wide range of experimental applications. The entry level 2 laser iQue® 3 BR system is equipped with a blue and a red laser ideal for applications which do not require many parameters, but, can take advantage of the speed the iQue® platform is famous for.

Two additional 3 laser configurations increase the flexibility and accommodate larger multiplexing needs depending on the specific fluorphores. The iQue® 3 VBR system includes Violet, Blue, and Red lasers, while, the iQue® 3 VYB replaces the red laser with a yellow laser. 

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iQue® 3 Blue-Red (BR)

iQue® 3 Violet-Blue-Red (VBR)

iQue® 3 Violet-Yellow-Blue (VYB)

Catalog No.

91375, 91381 (HD)




488nm, 640nm 

405nm, 488nm, 640nm

405nm, 561nm, 488nm

Detection Channels   




Plate Types   

96- and 384-well, 384- and
1536-well (Blue-Red HD)

96- and 384-well

96- and 384-well

Min Sampling Time

< 5 minutes/96 wells, < 20 minutes/384 wells

Min Sample Aspiration

1 µL

Detection Rate

Up to 35,000 events/second

Dynamic Range

> 7 Decades

Optional Products

Cat. No.

Forecyt® Enterprise Edition with 5 Floating Client Licenses


Robotic Integration API License


Qmax Refill Module


See What iQue Users Are Saying

iQue Flow Cytometry Instrument testimonial
Andrea Gorlani, PhD

Scientist ModiQuest Research

In-solution, cell-based assays are the way forward and the ability to do so with the iQue Screener in a 384-well high-throughput format has been extremely useful to us. We can now use one third of the materials and screen 4 times more antibody clones in the same amount of time, obtaining more compelling data for ourselves and our clients.

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iQue Flow Cytometry Instrument testimonial
Steve Rees, Vice President, Discovery Biology


The iQue Screener allows us to run high throughput screening assays against primary cell types monitoring drug action in a way that simply wasn't possible.

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iQue Flow Cytometry Instrument testimonial
Sofie Pattijn, CTO


In short, the iQue offers flow cytometry capabilities at real high throughput, making it the perfect instrument for cell and bead based screenings.

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Flow Cytometry Instrument Service

Service Contract Program for the iQue® Platform

Stay current, ensure productivity, manage costs and avoid downtime

Keeping your instrument covered under a Sartorius service contract is an important part of ensuring productivity, managing cost and avoiding downtime. A Sartorius service contract has these key benefits:

  • Full coverage for parts, labor, shipping and travel in event of repair.
  • The use of a loaner instrument while repairs are made
  • Major version software updates
  • Unlimited email and voice tech support

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iQue® Flow Cytometry Resources

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First Edition Advanced Flow Cytometry Handbook

A Guide to Advanced Flow Cytometry Assays and Workflows

Access the Handbook

Product Resources

iQue Flow Cytometry Instrument Brochure

iQue® 3 Advanced Flow Cytometry Platform

PDF | 3.3 MB

iQue® 3 and iQue® Screener Plus Fluorochrome Chart

PDF | 451.2 KB

Additional Resources

iQue® Advanced Flow Cytometry Publications

With over 200 references worldwide, the iQue®️ Advanced Flow Cytometry Platform helps researchers explore new areas of study and address questions fundamental to life science research.

Explore All iQue® Publications

Fluorescence Spectraviewer

Fluorescence Spectraviewer

Use the dynamic, interactive fluorescence spectraviewer tool to see compatibility with over 1,000 fluorophores on the different iQue® 3 configurations.

Explore the Fluorescence Spectraviewer

Frequently Asked Questions

Sartorius Flow Cytometry Instrument FAQs

Get answers to the most common questions about about Sartorius flow cytometry instruments including critical information regarding measuring, speed, plate handling, compliance, and more.

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Cell or particle size and complexity are the non-fluorescent measurements along with fluorescent detection which can be used to identify and quantitate specific proteins both on the surface of cells as well as detection of secreted proteins or signaling molecules. 

The iQue® flow cytometer uses a proprietary Air-Gap sampling method which can sample an entire 96 well plate in 5 minutes, or a 384 well plate in 15 minutes. But, the speed doesn’t stop there. The included Forecyt® software makes analysis a breeze by utilizing dynamic plate level data analysis and visualization making quick work of identifying the samples of interest.

Yes. It is compatible with all the major automation vendors systems. An iQue® 3 automation client software license is available allowing the plate handling robot to control the iQue® 3  to load plates, begin a run, and remove plates when the run is completed. 

The enhanced rinse station is a smart fluidics system that constantly measures the volume of each buffer or solution to avoid failed runs due to insufficient reagents. It utilizes special cartridges for each fluid which minimize evaporation and can be sealed and placed in the refrigerator when not in use to extend the on-board lifetime when not in use. 

Yes. There is a software module available which provides support for labs which require an additional level of traceability for experiments run on the iQue® platform. Among other features, it includes customizable user roles to help tailor the level of documentation and access to information based on specific needs or functions. 

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