iQue Forecyt® Software – Interactive Assay Development, Analysis, and Multiparameter Data Visualization

Optimize, Analyze, Visualize, Interpret… Faster!

The heart of the iQue® platform, iQue Forecyt® Software, is integrated, interactive assay development, implementation, and analysis visual environment.

Designed for speed to actionable answers, iQue Forecyt® Software provides plate level annotation, analytics, and visualization tools not found in traditional flow-based analysis software packages. From automated EC50 curves to combining multiple assay outcomes together to identify “hits,” the time saving features help you get data insights that drive discovery. One software package from setup to reporting for ultimate 21 CFR Part 11 electronic record keeping compliance. 

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One Workflow from Design through reporting

Seamlessly and intuitively performs tasks from acquisition to analysis. Annotate and analyze across an entire plate. Identify activity fingerprints faster from automatically generated dose-response curves of high content data.

Key Advantages of iQue Forecyt®

Powerful Data Analysis and Visualization Tools

Single software solution with real-time data acquisition and analysis

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Plate Level Analytics

Drill down from experiment level, to plate level, to well level, to cell level

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Electronic Record Keeping and Traceability

The iQue® 21 CFR Part 11 Software Module provides global event audit logs, electronic signatures, and customizable checkpoints

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Advanced Analytics with Ease with iQue Forecyt®

Interactive Gating with real time results

Easy assay optimization by gating on entire plate of data at once. Smart gate automatically centers to the area of highest density. Moving gates changes resulting data in real time allowing you to immediately see the effects.

Dose Response EC50 and IC50 logistic curves

Forecyt automatically calculates IC/EC50 curves, reducing the time to discovery. The powerful plate map design allows for multiple compound series across a single plate with ease.

Make decisions easier with multiplexed criteria

Making sense of high content data and finding the sample with the right activity fingerprint can take a lot of time. We provide a way to combine assay outcomes (profiles) with Boolean logic to help locate the wells that meet your multiplexed criteria.

Plate Level Data Visualization

Plate Level Analysis

Take a deeper dive into your data, with a single mouse click you can make any plot or histogram into a “Plate View” of well data thumbnails to visually compare them.

Panorama for multiplate analysis

Compare and review multiparameter studies for key insights. View multiple plate data sets simultaneously to compare heat maps, identify hits across profile maps, track trends, and rank wells by any metric with user- definable line graphs.


iQue® 21 CFR Part 11 Software Module

Maintain detailed electronic records from plate creation through analysis with a global audit trail that captures every action. Organization-wide comment uniformity and curated exportable reports for painless auditing.

iQue 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance Support

Generate the data you need to share

Create custom metrics derived from basic metric building blocks using a simple wizard. All metrics become available for additional analysis, visualization, and/or exporting. A report generation wizard makes it easy to document your work in electronic notebooks and share it across your organization.

iQue Forecyt® Specifications

iQue Forecyt® pushes the limits of what can be done with an all-inclusive software package. With cutting-edge features to help visualize and quickly identify samples of interest.    

iQue Forecyt® Standard Edition
: “Instrument Control and Analysis”

Included with every instrument, iQue Forecyt® Software provides the flexibility to set up sample acquisition, custom collar washing, and sampler cleaning to consistently meet the needs of your application, plate after plate. Once your analysis is created and optimized, it can be applied as a template to any number of plates. This provides automated analysis and result generation as your plates are processed.


iQue Forecyt® Offline Edition: “Analysis on the Run”

The Offline Edition is ideal for users who want to analyze data away from the laboratory, without a network connection. Create figures for publications, reports, or drill deeper into your data sets to find new discoveries.


iQue Forecyt® Enterprise Edition: “Multi-user Access and Data Sharing”

Designed to be secure and scalable, iQue Forecyt® Enterprise software is a multi-user, multi-instrument data storage and management solution that provides distributed access to remote analysis capabilities using “clients” activated with floating licenses. Some of the advantages for your organization are:

  • Security and reliability via centralized data storage, encrypted network communication, and team | user level permissions
  • Collaboration via data sharing among multiple users, limit access to specific users or enable data access for the entire laboratory
  • Throughput enhancements by running experiments on multiple instruments and allowing multiple users to access data from one instrument at the same time
  • Scalability with additional floating licenses added as demand increases 
  • Ease of deployment via simple installers and flexible physical IT layouts


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iQue Forecyt® Resources


Brochure: Forecyt Software

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iQue Forecyt®️ Software: Accelerate your insights with an all-inclusive software package

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iQue® Forecyt Enterprise Flyer

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iQue® Audit Trail, Electronic Records, and Electronic Signature Features to Support 21 CFR Part 11 Workflows

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iQue® Signal Reduction User Guide

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