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iQue Forecyt® Software – Interactive Assay Development, Analysis, and Multiparameter Data Visualization

Optimize, Analyze, Visualize, Realize… Faster!

The heart of the iQue® platform, iQue Forecyt® Software, is an interactive assay development, implementation, and analysis environment.

Designed from a screening perspective, iQue Forecyt® Software provides plate level annotation, analytics, and results visualization tools not found in traditional flow-based analysis software packages. From linking well data together to combining multiple assay outcomes together to identify “hits”, the time saving features help you get data insights that drive discovery.

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iQue Forecyt® Software Features

One Stop Workflow

Intuitive, “six task” assay building environment. Annotate and analyze across an entire plate. Set up plate level analytics like IC/EC50 curves; standard curves are automatically generated.

Interactive Gating with Real Time Results

Easy assay optimization by gating on entire plate of data at once. Moving gates changes resulting data in real time allowing you to see the effects immediately.

Generate the Data You Need and Share It

Create custom metrics derived from basic metric building blocks using a simple wizard. All metrics become available for additional analysis, visualization, and/or exporting. A report generation wizard makes it easy to document your work in electronic notebooks and share it across your organization.

Data Visualizations Linked by Well

The unique "Well Scan" function links multiple visualizations so you can quickly see all graphics generated from each well.

Make Decisions Easier with Profile Mapping

Making sense of high content data and finding the sample with the right activity fingerprint can take a lot of time. We provide a way to combine assay outcomes (profiles) with Boolean logic to help locate the wells that meet your multiplexed criteria.

Create a Plate Level View of All Well Graphs

With a single mouse click you can make any plot or histogram into a “Plate View” of well data thumbnails to visually compare them.

Analyze Multiple Plates Across Your Experiment

Snapshot your entire experiment with iQue Forecyt® Software’s Panorama. View all plate data together to compare heat maps, identify hits across profile maps, and rank wells by any metric with line graphs.

iQue Forecyt® 9.0 — See what is new!

Introducing iQue Forecyt® 9.0. The most powerful Cell and Cytokine analysis software available! This new software version for the iQue® Screener Plus and iQue® 3 platforms takes your data analysis to the next level. With powerful new additions including:

  • Elliptical Gates: In addition to Polygon and rectangular gates we have added Elliptical Gates. They can also be used as “smart gates” which predict the correct location of your populations even if they move or drift from sample to sample keeping your analysis simple and automated.
  • Bar Graphs: Bar Graphs can now be generated directly within iQue Forecyt® 9.0 eliminating the need to export and import data into 3rd party graphing software packages.
  • Multiple Metric Overlays: Line graphs can now be created with multiple metrics overlayed on a single plot. This feature is incredibly useful when looking at multiple dose response curves on the same plot. Both line graphs and bar graphs are also completely customizable with any color of choice for each series. Labels and legends are also customizable including the order with which they are displayed.
  • Panorama Graphs: Both Line graphs and bar graphs can be generated within Panorama to compare multiple runs at the same time providing a more direct comparison of data even if acquired on different days.

iQue® Forecyt 9.0 Recommended Software Upgrade Available Now! – Improved performance and analysis tools to handle larger data sets with ease.

In addition to all these new features there have also been updates to performance and ease of use.

iQue Forecyt®9.0 continues to push the limits of what can be done with an all-inclusive software package. With cutting-edge features to help visualize and quickly identify samples of interest. There is also a continued effort to ensure the software remains intuitive and provides the ease of use end-users have come to expect from iQue Forecyt®.

iQue Forecyt® Standard Edition: “Instrument Control and Analysis”
Part of every instrument, iQue Forecyt® software provides the flexibility to set up sample acquisition, probe rinsing, and sampler cleaning any way you want, plate after plate. Once your analysis is created and optimized, it can be turned into a template that can be applied to any number of plates, providing “on-the-fly” analysis and result generation as your plates are processed.

iQue Forecyt® Offline Edition: “Analysis on the Run”
For when you need to analyze your data but are not connected to the instrument. Planes, trains, and automobiles are now just extensions of your office.

iQue Forecyt® Enterprise Edition: “Multi-user Access and Data Sharing”
Designed to be secure and scalable, iQue Forecyt® Enterprise software is a multi-user, multi-instrument data storage and management solution that gives distributed access to remote analysis capabilities using “clients” activated with floating licenses. Some of the advantages for your organization are:

  • Security and reliability via centralized data storage, encrypted network communication, and team / user level permissions
  • Collaboration via data sharing among multiple users
  • Throughput enhancements by running experiments on multiple instruments
  • Scalability through enterprise caliber software architecture
  • Ease of deployment via simple installers and flexible physical IT layout

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iQue Forecyt® Specifications
iQue Forecyt® Standard EditioniQue Forecyt® Offline EditioniQue Forecyt® Enterprise Edition

Number of Computers




Number of Instruments




Number of Users




Distributed Client Access




*Floating License Dependent

iQue Forecyt® 8.1 (July 2020)

  • Extensive performance improvements have been made to shorten analysis load times, optimize calculations, and get results faster​
  • Existing customers can reduce their server database size by up to 20% using the database optimize feature in Manager​
  • Custom axis labels and titles can now be specified for plots, histograms, standard curve graphs, and series graphs​
  • Easily switch input populations and parameters for selected plots and histograms using the new data selector settings​
  • Set population colors by selecting one or more populations from the population tree and choosing a color of your choice​
  • Navigate between plates more easily using the plate selector buttons in the toolbar and keyboard shortcuts to go the previous plate (ctrl + left-arrow) and next plate (ctrl + right-arrow)​
  • Tooltips are now enabled by default for standard curve graphs and dose-response graphs​
  • Linear range information for standard curves is now shown in the fit properties window and the Concentration and Value are more clearly labeled in tooltips​
  • iQue Forecyt® now uses the .NET 4.7.2 framework and third-party libraries have been optimized​
  • The Analysis menu now shows which analysis is loaded and whether it has attachments or not​
  • For all instruments and protocols the rinse station location "Decon" has been renamed to "Flush" to match the new consumable name​
  • Additional bug fixes and usability improvements​

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