Ambr® 15 Fermentation Discontinuation

High Throughput Automated Micro Bioreactor for High Density Fed Batch Strain Selection

The Ambr® 15 Fermentation system has been discontinued.

The Ambr® 15 Fermentation system is an automated microbioreactor system for high density fed batch strain selection. It runs 24 microbial cultures in parallel at 8–12ml working volumes.  

Please note that the Ambr® 15 Cell Culture system, an entirely separate product in the Ambr® 15 portfolio is unaffected by this product notification and remains available for mammalian (and insect) cell culture applications.  


Alternative Solutions

Two alternative systems are available for microbial strain selection and process optimization:

Ambr® 250 Modular 

Ambr® 250 High Throughput

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Ambr® 15 Fermentation – Service and Support

Whilst it is no longer possible to order new Ambr® 15 Fermentation systems, Ambr® 15 Fermentation service support is still available.

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This table highlights the key feature of  2 alternative multi-parallel systems for microbial fermentation:


Ambr® 250 Modular

Ambr® 250 High Throughput


Advanced Benchtop System for parallel fermentation (and cell culture)

Fully automated bioreactor system for parallel fermentation (and cell culture).


Modular system - each single-use bioreactor vessel is fully integrated with sensors, liquid reservoirs and syringe pumps.

Integrated bioreactor stations, sensor readers, pumps, liquid handler & biological safety cabinet.

Number of single-use bioreactor vessels per system


12 or 24

Single-use bioreactor vessel working volume

100-250 mL

100-250 mL

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