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From Cell Line Development to Lot Release Testing: The Complete Solution for Your Drug Development Journey

In 2015, Sartorius acquired BioOutsource and Cellca, two companies offering services to support bioprocessing in the pharmaceutical industry. These acquisitions have significantly expanded our portfolio of process development and testing solutions, allowing us to provide an industry-leading support service to our customers.

Cellca has long delivered comprehensive cell line development services in fully compliant facilities. Specializing in commercial-scale biologics production in mammalian cells, Cellca is known for its proprietary expression platform, Cellca CHO, an industry-leading host cell/expression vector system for efficient protein production.

BioOutsource offers comprehensive biologics testing, with early success in providing analysis and support for biosimilar development followed by expansion into the new biological entity (NBE) space.  BioOutsource also provides comprehensive cell line characterization, cell bank manufacturing services, and a broad range of biosafety testing. Their expertise in assay development and optimization has enabled the creation of a range of platform methodologies facilitating the quick development of critical bioassays as well as off-the-shelf assays designed to support biosimilar comparability studies.

These acquisitions have provided Sartorius with the advanced knowledge and experience required to deliver solutions that support cell line and process development. Sartorius can now provide you with a complete set of solutions to accelerate the approval of your biologic.

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Cell Line Development

Progress from DNA to research cell bank in just 14 weeks with our established cell line development packages. 

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Cell Banking

Integrated cell banking and testing services in our cGMP compliant facilities enable the rapid release of cell banks. 

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Cell Line Characterization

Demonstrate that your biologic is free from contaminants with our off-the-shelf biosafety assays.

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Product Characterization

Complete characterization solutions from clone selection to detailed analysis of the structure and behavior of your molecule.

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Lot Release Testing

cGMP compliant assay qualification and validation appropriate for your drug development phase in line with ICH and USP guidelines.

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Perform the necessary comparability studies using qualified, off-the-shelf assays to characterize your biosimilar molecule.

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Evolution of BioOutsource and Cellca


BioOutsource was founded in Glasgow, UK, in 2007 as a leading provider of contract testing services to the global biopharmaceutical industry. BioOutsource had particular success and growth in the biosimilar testing market.

In 2015, BioOutsource was acquired by Sartorius. We opened a new bioanalytical and biosafety testing laboratory in the major biotech hub of Boston, US, in 2016.

We are fully cGMP, GLP and GCP accredited and provide contract testing services to assess the quality and safety of biologic drugs and vaccines. Continued expansion of our overall biologics service offering includes chemistry testing services (2017), cell bank manufacturing (2019), and NBE Product Characterization (2019).


Cellca was founded in 2005 as a cell line and process development service provider. Cellca established a unique technology platform, the Cellca CHO Expression Platform, one of the most competitive systems available for protein expression.

In 2015, Cellca was acquired by Sartorius. Towards the end of 2019, Cellca moved into a 6,000 square meters purpose-built site at Ulm's Science Park III at Eselsberg.

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In recent years, Sartorius has been continuously making acquisitions, expanding its portfolio by new, complementary technologies.

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