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At Sartorius Academy, we aim to ease the way the biopharma industry meets their learning needs.

Sartorius Academy offers professional level training courses on topics relevant to biopharmaceutical industry in a self-paced yet collaborative learning environment.

Our programs enable skilled resources in the industry to accelerate the development of breakthroughs which in turn helps people live healthier lives.

What sets Sartorius Academy apart is the ability to exchange information on common concerns and successful solutions. Learning involves e-learning, live discussions, and assignments. Learners can connect and network with colleagues, peers, and experts from the industry.

Gain a global perspective with learners and coaches around the world and be informed of market trends and key challenges.

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Sartorius Academy Courses

Advanced Therapy CAR -T: Process, Technology and Manufacturing

Provides a scientific background on CAR-T and an overview of current approaches manufacturing, market trends, industry process needs and challenges.

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Current Perspective on Cutting Edge mRNA Technology

Gain insight on application and market trend, various steps involved in mRNA process development (Upstream, downstream, fill finish & storage).

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Amplify Your Bioprocess: Process Intensification for Upstream Processi...

Learn how process intensification offers a holistic framework to maximize overall productivity in upstream biomanufacturing.

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Amplify Your Bioprocess: Process Intensification for Downstream Proces...

Learn about process development and scale-up of intensified DS processes, current automation bottlenecks, data analytics, and challenges.

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The Fundamentals of Viral Vector Upstream Processing

Gain insight into essential upstream processing of vectors, analytics, process development considerations and manufacturing strategies.

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The Fundamentals of Viral Vector Downstream Processing

Learn about different methods used for viral vector purification, analytics and an overview on viral vectors market.

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Virus clearance validation services

Protecting Patients: Viral Clearance and Safety Strategies for mAb Pro...

Gain insight on role of Viral Clearance and Safety in mAbs manufacturing, viral validation studies and regulatory guidelines for viral clearance.

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Building Power for Advanced Therapies: pDNA Technology and Potential

Learn about basic concepts of plasmid vectors, manufacturing process and its clinical applications.

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Holistic Study of Monoclonal Antibody Upstream Technologies

Gain insight into the essential steps involved in the process development, scale-up, production and analytics of mAbs upstream processing.

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Holistic Study of Monoclonal Antibody Downstream Technologies

Downstream processing of mAbs course include process development, large scale operations and analytics.

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Learning Nuggets


At Sartorius Academy, we understand that time is of the essence for busy professionals. Our learning nuggets provide bite-sized, focused educational content that delve into various cutting-edge topics in biotechnology. The primary goal of these learning nuggets is to equip learners with a comprehensive understanding of these innovative technologies. By exploring these topics in a concise and easily digestible format, professionals can acquire the knowledge necessary to stay ahead in their respective fields. Whether you are a researcher, scientist or healthcare professional, our learning nuggets are designed to meet your specific learning needs.

Start your learning journey today, one nugget at a time. Happy learning!

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Self-paced individual learning experience, with forums to enhance discussion with experts.

Registration available all around the year.

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