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Jun 28, 2021
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Israel: An upgraded facility and a new site for advanced cell culture media production

Video: Guided tour of Sartorius site in Beit Haemek, Israel - Originally broadcast live on Monday, June 28, 2021.

Sartorius is expanding its production capabilities in Israel with a new site for advanced cell culture media production and an upgrade of the the existing facility. The new site will serve as the main production site for liquid media and buffers.

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Sartorius opened a new site in Beit Haemek, Israel, which focuses on specialty and customized cell culture media, particularly for the advanced therapies market. With the expansion, the plant will serve as the main production site for liquid media and buffers and will be able to produce nearly five times its current output. The new facility has been designed to meet the highest manufacturing and regulatory standards. It covers 11,800 square feet and includes Grades B and C cleanrooms as well as on-site equipment. The existing facility will be upgraded as well to prepare for future demand.

The team in Israel has a long track record and experience in the advanced therapies market – from development to the production and sale of cell culture solutions. With the new state‑of‑the‑art facility in Beit Haemek, we can build on this expertise and leverage the existing infrastructure to further grow this business.

René Fáber, Head of the Bioprocess Solutions Division of Sartorius, Member of the Executive Board

    Press Release: Sartorius opens new cell culture media  production site in Beit Haemek

Background: In December 2019, Sartorius acquired a majority stake in the Israeli cell culture media developer and manufacturer Biological Industries. The integration of the cell culture media production business has been essential in Sartorius’ key initiative to further develop its business and expertise in the advanced therapies segment.

    Press Release 2019: Sartorius acquires a majority stake in cell culture media specialist Biological Industries

In 2021, Sartorius will invest more than 400 million euros in the expansion of manufacturing capacities around the world to meet the high demand from the growing biopharmaceuticals market. In line with these investments, Sartorius aims to expand its Beit Haemek site, and the company is now offering several positions in Israel among other job vacancies worldwide.  

    Career: Join our Beit Haemek team and grow with us

Sartorius expects continuous strong growth for the current fiscal year and beyond.  To support this growth, and to ensure delivery reliability also going forward, we have started to accelerate and extend the expansion of our production capacities very significantly in all geographies, the Americas, Europe, and Asia. By 2025, Sartorius will more than double capacities for key product groups.

   Capacity Expansions: Demand for Sartorius Products is growing rapidly

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