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Apr 16, 2021
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Havant: A state-of-the-art facility for downstream processing equipment

Video: Guided tour of Sartorius site in Havant, UK - Originally broadcast live on Friday, April 16, 2021.

Sartorius is expanding its presence in the UK with a new 58,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Havant, Hampshire. The new site will simplify and accelerate the production of downstream processing equipment. These systems are vital for the manufacture of injectable drugs as treatments for cancer, diabetes, and viral vaccine production. Watch the video for a guided tour of the facility.  

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The new facility in Havant increases Sartorius’ capacity to produce customized equipment that supports downstream processing, including chromatography technologies and time- and cost-saving tangential flow filtration. In addition, the growing team of currently more than 90 colleagues has created a special area for demonstration and factory acceptance testing (FAT) of instruments and systems. This will enable customers to test, validate, and adjust the functionalities of their equipment directly at the manufacturing site.   

   Press release: Sartorius expands in the UK

Given the current travel restrictions, the Havant team is using HoloLenses, an augmented reality tool, to enable customers to interact remotely with their equipment, for example during FAT, without necessarily having to be on site. The device is equipped with four cameras and a microphone and can create holograms and digital labels. Sartorius is one of the first companies in the biopharma industry to use HoloLenses.  

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In 2021, Sartorius will invest more than 400 million euros in the expansion of manufacturing capacities around the world to meet the high demand from the growing biopharmaceuticals market. In line with these investments, Sartorius aims to expand its Havant site, and the company is now offering positions for process engineers, project managers, and design engineers, as well as for several support functions, among other job vacancies.  

   Career: Join our Havant team and grow with us

Background: In April 2020, Sartorius acquired selected life science businesses from Danaher Corporation, including a production facility for downstream processing equipment in Portsmouth, UK. To meet the rising demand from the growing biopharmaceutical market, Sartorius decided to relocate the team to an advanced facility that provides higher capacity and, is located just a few miles away from the former site. 

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Sartorius has created a state-of-the-art, bright environment for both employees and customers. Located in the south of England and close to renowned universities, the new Havant site offers many opportunities for the company and its people to grow.

Sartorius has invested significantly in this facility. It gives us what we need for the market today, but also what we will need to grow into the future.

Matthew Bylett, Head of Operations Havant

Sartorius expects continuous strong growth for the current fiscal year and beyond.  To support this growth, and to ensure delivery reliability also going forward, we have started to accelerate and extend the expansion of our production capacities very significantly in all geographies, the Americas, Europe, and Asia. By 2025, Sartorius will more than double capacities for key product groups.

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