Accelerate Upstream Development and Simplify Manufacturing

Proven Process Solutions from Cell Line, Media and Process Development to Commercial Manufacturing

Speed up your development with a fully scaleable range of cell line, media, process development and characterization tools. Simplify manufacturing with completely single use upstream processing concepts based on classic stirred tank bioreactors complemented with media preparation and storage solutions and completely novel, large scale clarification based on dynamic body feed.

Upstream Process at a Glance

Step 1: Cell Line Development

Evaluate and compare performance of CHO clones in a standard platform process or screen media and feed compositions in parallel.

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Step 2: Process Development

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Step 3: Media Preparation

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Step 4: Media

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Step 5: Seed Train

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Step 6: Production

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Step 7: Harvesting

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High Throughput Process Development Tools Enabling Effective QbD Strategies

Automated multi-parallel mini bioreactors and classic benchtop bioreactors enhanced with modern sensor technology and chemometrics tools enable fast and reliable development and characterization of your processes. Seamless transfer to pilot and production scale is guaranteed by thorough understanding of bioreactor design and scale-up principles and bioprocess adapted data management and automation concepts.

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Experience and Flexibility for your Cell Culture Media Needs

Customized and high performance off-the shelf cell culture media liquid and powder formulations.

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Reliable Single-Use Clarification for High Cell Density Processes

Rapid removal of cells and debris from up to 2000 L fed-batch cultures - reduce your contaminant load with dynamic body feed technology.

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Free CHO Media Sample Kits

Sample media for recombinant proteins and monoclonal antibodies (mAbs).

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Explore Our Upstream Platform for Intensified Processing

Connect Upstream for Intensified Biomanufacturing

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Webinar: Scalable Technologies for Process Intensification in Biomanufacturing

Interview with Gerben Zijlstra on Intensified Bioprocesses


CLD Service Webinar - Valuable Insights Followed by a Lab Tour

Learn about the technologies and processes used to produce consistent high quality CHO clones that produce industry relevant titers and high-quality proteins.

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Consult Our Experts

Consult Our Experts

Explore the Sartorius Platforms for Biomanufacturing

Vaccine Manufacturing, Process Development and Production

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Regenerative Medicine

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