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For more than 30 years, Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cells have been used to produce recombinant proteins and are considered the workhorse of modern protein production. 

Sartorius is a recognized leader, specializing in protein production of biologics in mammalian cells specifically for commercial production. These cells express recombinant proteins with post-translational modifications compatible to humans; they do so by secreting the protein of interest into their environment.  

DHFR-deficient CHO DG44

CHO cells lacking DHFR are the most widely used CHO cells for the commercial production of biopharmaceuticals. 

Fully documented and tested according to ICH and WHO

The Cellca Host Cell Line is licensed directly from its establisher and is documented with a complete host cell line history report.

Long-term stability

With stable growth over longer periods of time, this cell line meets large-scale requirements for protein expression and genetic stability.

Growth in serum-free suspension culture

A cell line that grows in serum-free suspension culture is ideal for large-scale, high-titer cultures.

Well-Established Cell Line Optimized for Large Scale Production

Cellca Host Cell Line

The CHO DG44 cell line has been adapted to serum-free, chemically defined cell culture media and suspension growth. The resulting host cell line is metabolically optimized for stable growth over longer periods of time, making it ideal for meeting the large-scale requirements for protein expression and genetic stability. 

Presented in the figure above is the stable growth and viability profiles of the Cellca CHO DG44 host cell line – the starting point for all Sartorius clients’ projects.

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