Cellca Cell Line Development Service

Stable cell lines have a number of important applications in the wider life sciences industry, including production of biopharmaceuticals. Sartorius is a leading provider of cell line development and upstream process development services. These are targeted to large-scale production of biopharmaceuticals in mammalian cells, namely CHO (Chinese Hamster Ovary). Sartorius uses a unique cell development platform technology: Cellca Cell Line Development.

Cellca Cell Line Development

This unique cell line development technology platform combines 4 key components:

Together, these components deliver high yielding, stable cell lines and robust, simple, fed-batch processes for the biopharmaceutical market. Cellca Cell Line Development is an easily accessible, scalable and robust system that delivers a product from DNA to fully characterized research cell bank (RCB) in just 14 weeks.

High-Quality, Antibody-Secreting Clone Using a Rapid, Proven Process

Cellca Cell Line Development offers speed and flexibility, with a proven track record of performance, scalability and robustness.

  • From DNA to fully characterized RCB in 14 weeks with the acceleration track
  • Flexibility track offers adjustable scope to achieve your target molecule

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  • More than 120 projects successfully completed using the Cellca Cell Line Development

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  • Process can be easily transferred and scaled up to a range of bioreactors up to 2000 L
  • Save 3 months by omitting scalability studies
  • Easy and direct scalability from small scale to 2000 L

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  • Single point of contact throughout the process, from DNA to fully characterized RCB

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Cellca Cell Line Development technology goes hand in hand with a full platform of services for protein-based therapeutics and optimized cell culture media. Fully compliant cell banking and cell bank characterization services move a product seamlessly from research cell bank (RCB) to master cell bank (MCB). With product characterization running concurrently throughout, informed decisions can be made on pool and clone level, critical quality attributes (CQA) analyzed and complex bioassay development needs anticipated.

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