Media & Process Optimization

Media & Process Optimization

Improved Titer - Improved Product Quality: Media and Process Optimization tailored to your needs!

Our dedicated team of skilled experts for Media & Process Optimization combines their knowledge and Sartorius' high throughput technology to provide you with fast solutions, full flexibility and control over your media and upstream process.

Whether you want to improve titer or product quality, our spent media analytics will provide the required insight into your system to get the most of it. For product quality, our integrated analytical testing services will ensure we will meet your needs.

Custom Media & Process Optimization

Achieve the Titer & Product Quality You Need

Our dedicated Media & Process Optimization team will develop a design of experiment to define the best way to optimize your CHO media system and upstream process. Our in-house Ambr® and bioreactor systems will be used to perform the process optimization, interim data will be shared and discussed and the optimized process will be confirmed in a 5L-bioreactor for easy process transfer and scale-up.

Albumedix – World-Leading Albumin-Enabled Solutions

Albumedix´ solutions enable the development and commercialization of advanced therapies and next-generation biopharmaceuticals.

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Cell Culture Technology Excellence

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Process & Media Expertise

  • Fed-batch Parameters
  • Media Preperation

Cutting Edge Technology

  • ambr15
  • ambr250

Analytics Expertise

  • Spent Media
  • Product Quality

Data Expertise

  • Experimental Design
  • Data Evaluation

Our Approach. Your Success: 4 Reasons

  1. Media & Upstream Process Expertise
  2. Leading ambr Technology
  3. Full Transparency
  4. Customer Controlled

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