What is new? Cubis® II compared to Cubis® I lab balance

The worldwide launch of the first generation of Cubis® in the year 2009 was a milestone in lab weighing technology. This first modular balance series combined user interfaces, weighing modules, and draft shields for customers, allowing them to find the best-fitting products for their individual use or applications. 

The new generation of Cubis® - called Cubis® II - improves and expands upon this concept of modularity and now includes software modularity. Each Cubis® II balance can be more individually adapted to customer requirements and needs than ever before.

Cubis® I is no longer available for sales at Sartorius

Cubis® I phased out dates:

  • Cubis® MSU: May 1, 2020
  • Cubis® MSE: May 1, 2020
  • Cubis® MSA: July 1, 2020

Cubis® I will not receive any more updates. Service and support as well as spare parts will be available until 2028.

If you are looking to upgrade your balance and want to benefit from the new software and hardware features, find out all the details in the benefits section.

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Each Cubis® II balance can be more individually adapted to customer requirements and needs than ever before. The new generation of Cubis® improves and expands upon this concept of modularity and now includes software modularity.

Cubis® II covers an extended portfolio of now 45 weighing modules and 7 draft shield modules, with two displays on different performance levels. The range of the micro balances is extended by a new top model with a maximum capacity of 10.1 g.

The modularity of the new Cubis® II offers significant improvements upon the previous generation. Cubis® II now offers a modular software concept with 5 QApp-Packages for all lab themes, including more than 60 QApps. QApps are less complex, with faster configuration that allows users to spend more time focuses on their applications or tasks.

The “monolith System”, originally invented by Sartorius, has been even further improved for use in the Cubis® II balances. The 3rd monolith generation is faster and more tolerant against non-optimal environmental conditions with improved specifications.

Confident Compliance

Compliance with regulations especially in Pharma use has been improved significantly in all details. Cubis® II offers the first balances with full pharma compliance with a strong focus on connectivity, data integrity and data handling.

The Cubis® II offers substantial user support and assistance systems. A status center integrated into the balance gives the user the ability to monitor and evaluate the status of the balance at any time. The Cubis® II reports with information, warnings or error messages and offers the user support as needed.

More data can be captured than ever before: even climate data can be recorded to monitor the weighing process. This means that Cubis® II can meet the highest customer requirements and deliver traceable, trustworthy measurement results at any time.

A status center shows information, warnings or errors and environmental conditions. This evaluation of integrated sensor signals (e.g. temperature, humidity, air pressure and leveling) provides critical messages in the case of errors or other issues.

Intelligence by Design

All Cubis® II balances with readability better or equal 0.1 mg are equipped with weighing pans made of Titanium. The ultra-micro / micro models additionally use Titanium for all internal parts in the draft shield. This excludes magnetism as a possible source of error when weighing and eliminates corrosion.

One of the highlights of Cubis® I was automatic motorized leveling. Its functionality remains the industry-standard performance feature in the worldwide laboratory balance market. Cubis® II now allows also users of ultra-micro and micro balances to benefit from this feature and also extends this performance feature up to 8.2 kg precision balances.

All ultra-micro and micro balances now include a LED lighting system in the draft shield, which enables users to work with incredibly small samples without fatigue, even under unfavorable lighting conditions.

Cubis® II offers a wide portfolio of sample holders for vials, flasks, filters and weighing papers. All sample holders are made of Titanium and improve the ergonomics and efficiency of weighing tasks, helping ensure error-free results.

Application Article

Effects of Static Electricity on Analytical Weighing

Among the various options for eliminating static electricity during analytical weighing, there are simple, low-cost measures available. However, due to the current metrological and practical limitations, many of these measures are difficult and time-consuming to use.

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Application Note

Integration of Sartorius Cubis® II Premium Balances into STARLIMS™ from Abbott Informatics

Abbott Informatics and Sartorius have developed a solution that makes it easy to integrate the Cubis® II laboratory balance into STARLIMS™ with a plug-and-play connection via recognized IT standards and a sufficient protection against data integrity problems.

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Application Highlight: Safe-Lock Tube Holders for Cubis®️ II Balances

Cubis®️ II safe-lock tube holders are specially designed weighing pans which support simple and ergonomic sample dosing directly into Safe-Lock-, and similar tubes, with the aim to eliminate any risk of sample loss during sample transfer.

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