Balance Monitoring

Fully Automatic Calibration | Adjustment: isoCAL

The isoCAL calibration and adjustment function will be triggered after a factory preset or user-definable time interval. If a preset or user-definable temperature difference is exceeded, this will likewise trigger calibration | adjustment again.

Q-Level: The First Balance with Motorized Automatic Leveling

Q-Level combines novel sensors with the most advanced display technology, making it easier and faster for you to level the balance accurately.


So-called linearity errors occur when there are any deviations from the theoretical linear slope of a balance's characteristic curve. Optimal linearization is required in order for your balance to meet its high accuracy criteria. That's why Cubis® eliminates these errors by automatically performing linearization.

Repeatability: reproTEST

Cubis® lets you determine the standard deviation right where your balance is installed so you can check the repeatability of your weighing results: just one touch of a key is all it takes. This convenient reproTEST feature enables you to quickly determine whether the balance's environment is suitable so your balance will consistently deliver optimal and reliable weight measurements.