Entris® II Laboratory Balances

Best Value in Its Class for Basic Weighing Tasks

Every Sartorius balance offers quality, value and consistency - no matter what you’re weighing. The Entris® II balance is always the right choice. Offering unrivaled value and backed by almost 150 years of German engineering expertise, the Entris® II comes in two product lines, so you can find the balance that meets your specific weighing needs.

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Whether you need to perform common weighing procedures or run dedicated laboratory applications, Entris®️ II will give you the best of both. It provides 12 built-in applications as standard features. They provide built-in applications with GLP | GMP Compliant Printout and Data Output.

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Entris® II Advanced Line

Our Entris® II Advanced line gives you additional value to the Entris® II portfolio, with over 38 models offering benefits such as real-time level support, integrated protection systems, CalAuditTrail, a graphic touch display and 13 built-in application programs.

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Entris® II Essential Line

Our Entris® II Essential line is the only balance in its class offering isoCAL, LED touch technology, and 12 built-in applications at a budget price.

With over 40 models from which to choose, you will surely find a model to meet your basic weighing needs.

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Quality, Value and Consistency

Why Choose Entris® II?

Highest Quality Standards Engineered in Germany
  • Highly accurate results year in year out – guaranteed via Monolithic weigh cell technology invented by Sartorius
  • Fastest stabilization time in its class – using state-of-the-art weighing sensors
  • Best repeatability – with rectangular weighing pan
  • Overload protection – rugged design weighs up to a pre-set amount
  • Guaranteed reliability – with the self test “@start”
Easy Clean for Operational Efficiency and Durability
  • High chemical resistance – ensured using parts made from hard wearing polybutylene terephthalate (PBT), stainless steel and glass
  • Prevents cross contamination – with wipe clean design and easy-to-remove parts
  • Best repeatability – with rectangular weighing pan
  • Overload protection – rugged design weighs up to a pre-set amount
  • Guaranteed reliability – with the self test “@start”
Effective Draft Shield
  • Minimize weighing errors caused by electro-statically charged samples – using specially coated glass

Get Additional Features with the Advanced Line

Built-in Real-time Level Support
  • Simplifies balance leveling
  • Internal electronic level sensor continuously monitors for proper leveling
  • Alarm messaging when it isn't leveled
  • Interactive user guidance
Integrated Protection Systems
  • Increases reliability of weighing results
  • 3 configurable levels to determine valid weighing data
  • Ensures only valid data is transferred to external devices
  • Provides gap-less documentation
  • Automatic documentation of calibration and leveling processes
  • Date and time stamp
Graphic Touch Display
  • Even easier usability with graphic touch display

Innovations in This Weighing Class

Entris® II Key Features

isoCAL (Internal Calibration & Adjustment) for Total Assurance of Accurate Weighing Results

  • Optimal accuracy and operating convenience – using fully automated temperature and time-controlled calibration and adjustment features unique to this weighing class
  • Assures SOP compliant operating – with self-notification if calibration is outside normal range

Provide Gap-less Documentation with the Advanced Line's CalAuditTrail

  • Automatic documentation of calibration and leveling processes
  • Date and time stamp

Easy External Calibration

  • Pre-defined value for external calibration weight
  • Calibration weight selector for individual calibration weights

Easy Levelling

  • Easy-to-adjust levelling feet and outstandingly simple-to-read level indicator on the front

Plug & Play for User Convenience

  • Automatically detects Sartorius accessories (e.g. printer, second display)
  • Real “PC-direct feature” for easy connection to a PC, transfers weighing data directly into spreadsheet such as Excel

Hybrid Screen for Excellent readability and Use

  • Combines intuitive, wear resistant LED and touch technology
  • Providing a simple, clear user interface

 Advanced Line :

  • Even easier usability with graphic touch display

Data Output for Dynamic Weighing Applications

  • Uses configurable time interval data output

Easily Adapts to Ambient Conditions

  • With just one click on the home screen

Entris® II Analytical Balance with Draft Shield 360° Viewer

Entris® II Top Loader 360° Viewer  

Universal Applications

For Future-Proof Assurance 

The Right Model for Each and Every Task

Our Entris® II Essential line offers a range of 40 models (the largest portfolio in its class), while our Entris® II Advanced line offers an additional 38 models. Depending on the model you choose, your weighing range can start as low as 60 g and go up to 12,200 g, with a readability from 0.1 mg to 1 g.

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12 Built-in Applications with GLP | GMP Compliant Printout | Data Output

E.g. weighing, dosing, counting, mixing, statistics and many more plus underfloor weighing for bigger samples

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Entris® II Additional Benefits

Highest Usable Weighing Chamber Height

  • Easy handling of even large containers
  • Convenient access to weighing pan
  • Easy-to-(re)move top and side sliding doors
  • Draft shield can be removed completely

8 Built-in Languages for International Operation

  • English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Polish

Advanced Line Features 5 Additional Languages:

  • Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Turkish and Hungarian

Modern, Up-to-Date Connectivity Methods

  • Future-proof USB Type C interface
  • Industry-proof RS232 9-pin interface
  • Backwards compatibility (by using RS232 port)

Advanced Line:

  • Enables multiple connection to external devices via a second USB Type C interface
  • Enables transfer of data (such as weights, calibration reports) to USB stick
  • Allows customized printouts with up to 6 individual identifiers

Password Protection for Secure Operation

  • Protects the balance against unintentional changes

Advanced Line:

  • Controlled access to balance settings with User Management

Sartorius was a winner of 2019 iF DESIGN AWARD, the world-renowned design prize. The winning product, Entris® II, won in the discipline Product, in the Medicine | Health category.

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