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To help enhance productivity, efficiency and data integrity in your laboratory, we offer an option with the Cubis® II MCA interface that allows communication over standard internet protocols. This standardized communication technology permits communication with your external software systems, such as LIMS or ELN, eliminating manual data transcription errors and thus enhancing your data quality and integrity.

Cubis® II balances with an MCA interface have USB A, B and C standard-equipped interface ports: USB C, RS232, and Ethernet. The USB interfaces allow maximum connectivity through optional interfaces, such as WLAN or Bluetooth®.


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Cubis® II Meets OMNIS

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Seamless Integration of Cubis® II into Metrohm OMNIS Analytical Software System

Cubis® II is now part of Metrohm Omnis analytical software system
With the new software release (available May 2020) Cubis® II now is a full member of the Metrohm OMNIS analytical platform. Omnis is a user- and application friendly analytical software platform, focusing on what matters (sample-batch-approach), reducing errors (self-monitoring, alerts and system checks) and ensuring a high level of regulatory compliance (21 CFR Part 11; EudraLex, Volume 4, Annex 11).

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Data Security and Integrity

Cubis® II not only sends the measurement results to OMNIS, but also the complete metadata for every weighing-in or weighing-out performed on the balance. When integrated in a local network, encryption of any data exchanged makes sure the highest standards of data integrity and security are met at all times.

Central User Management

The user administration for the Cubis® II balance is managed and verified centrally in OMNIS. The complete Audit Trail of all events on the balance is recorded in OMNIS. All requirements regarding regulatory compliance (FDA and EurdraLex) are fully met.

Maximum Efficiency

The weighing-in or weighing-out of a sample or even of a complete sample series can be started right from the balance – without the need to even start OMNIS. Tolerance limits regarding sample weights are graphically represented on the display of the balance. When part of a local network, several OMNIS Clients can «share» the same Cubis® II balance.

Omnis Resources

Maximizing Accuracy, Reducing Errors in Titration & Weighing Webin...

Join us in this Metrohm x Sartorius webinar to learn about the factors affecting accuracy and precision in titration, fundamentals in weighing and sys...

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Brochure: Cubis® II Meets OMNIS

Seamless Integration into OMNIS, the Analytical Platform from Metrohm

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Cubis® II: Application Article OMNIS

In this article, we speak with Björn Christensen, Head of Product Group Software/Workflow/Platform at Metrohm AG, to learn how his team set out to cre...

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OMNIS is Metrohm’s new, fully integrated titration system that caters to the needs of today’s laboratories

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Seamless Integration of Cubis® II Into STARLIMS™

Easy plug-and-play integration of the Cubis® II into STARLIMS™ from Abbott Informatics for maximum compliance and efficient paperless documentation.

An essential task to reduce the need for manual recording is direct instrument integration, which negates the potential for errors, gives back operator time, and reduces data redundancy. Abbott Informatics and Sartorius have developed a solution that makes it easy to integrate Sartorius Cubis® II into STARLIMS™ offering customized comprehensive laboratory workflows with a plug-and-play connection via recognized IT standards and sufficient protection against data integrity problems.

Application Note

Integration of Sartorius Cubis® II Premium Balances into STARLIMS™ from Abbott Informatics

Abbott Informatics and Sartorius have developed a solution that makes it easy to integrate the Cubis® II laboratory balance into STARLIMS™ with a plug-and-play connection via recognized IT standards and a sufficient protection against data integrity problems.

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Application Article

Win-win Collaboration Delivers Pharma Efficiencies, Data Compliance and Weighing Excellence

Here, we speak with experts Dr. Andreas Schüler, technical sales support manager at Abbott Informatics, and Sebastian Weber, product manager at Sartorius, to find out how they are working together to help scientists weigh samples in the most efficient yet trusted way through integration of the STARLIMS solution and Sartorius Cubis® II into one simple platform designed to increase lab efficiency, save time and overcome compliance challenges. 

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Powerful data management solutions to help you ensure quality and safety in your entire product life cycle.

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