Application Highlight: Make Standard Preparation Easy 

Preparation of standards – also known as reference samples – is a routine procedure in analytical laboratories. There are two types of standards: internal standards are added to samples being analyzed, whereas external standards are separate and used for comparisons to test samples.  

Each type of standard has a defined concentration of one or several known components. The concentration of these materials must be as accurate as possible to prevent subsequent errors in determining unknown concentrations in samples.  

Download this handy application highlight to learn how Cubis® II can help in these procedures and support you in the preparation of internal and external standards.

Commonly Asked Questions:  

  • How is a standard prepared?
    • Standard solutions are made by weighing a calculated number of solid component(s) into a vessel and dissolving them in a desired volume of solvent.
  • How does Cubis® II assist in the preparation process?
    • The system guides the user automatically throughout the entire process of preparing standards, and the application software automatically takes care of all calculations in the background. There is no need to reach the target weight exactly as the software automatically calculates the required solvent volume based on the gravimetrically measured component(s) weight(s).

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