A Configurable High-Capacity Micro Balance

Ultra-High Resolution balances are designed to meet the evolving needs of scientists working in analytical laboratories. In addition to the existing compliance and connectivity features of our premium Cubis® II balances, the new Ultra-High Resolution balances (High-Capacity Micro Balance) deliver excellent weighing accuracy under the real-life conditions found in a laboratory. The new software-guided cleaning process fully supports compliance needs during routine cleanings. Added software and hardware capabilities enable next-level upgradability when the need arises, providing users with complete flexibility and investment security.

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Top Features of the Cubis® II Ultra-High Resolution Balance 

Lab Verified Performance

Real lab performance often deviates from instrument specifications due to varying environmental conditions, such as changes in temperature- air-pressure, humidity, static-charges. The new Cubis® II Ultra-High Resolution balances help to manage the challenges from a typical laboratory environment thanks to its innovative design elements. 

Your benefits:

  • Faster results save time and provide a high degree of repeatability ensuring performance excellence. 
    • The 4th generation Monolithic weighing system, invented by Sartorius, allows faster stabilization time and improves specification.
  • Robust behavior in real laboratory conditions guarantee ease of use.
    • Built-in intelligent adaptable systems manage temperature, humidity and air pressure changes which ensure stable balance behavior.
  • 100% static elimination solves your problems with electrostatic charges.
    • Thanks to the novel ionizing technology and optimal positioning of the four ionizing nozzles complete static elimination and fast stabilization time guaranteed. 
Simplified Cleaning

Cleanliness has high importance in high-resolution balances. Thanks to the brand-new cleaning app, keeping the balance clean is now a seamless part of your daily routine. We offer solutions for routine and advanced cleaning processes, and the documentation of these steps helps integrate cleaning into SOPs. The “Sartorius Best Cleaning Practices” guideline as well as the intuitive assembly of parts also help keep these balances clean.

Your benefits:

  • Cleaning QApp providing step-by-step guidance.
    • Intuitive guidance ensures error free cleaning.
    • Part of your audit trail and compliance.
  • Tool free assembly allows easy removal of parts.
  • High chemical resistance.
  • Intact inner system 
    • Thanks to the high volume capacity of the weighing floor. 
  • Cleaning kit, part of every order.
Investment Security

Cubis® II Ultra-High Resolution high-capacity micro balances, software packages are flexible and hardware upgrades are readily available. Features such as automated external and internal draft shield, built-in ionizer or climate sensor can be upgraded whenever the need arises. Upgradeability following product purchase offers more flexibility and investment security.

Your benefits:

  • Upgradeable ionizer and automated outer draft shield.
  • Automated inner draft shield available post purchase.
Ensure Compliance & Connectivity

All Cubis® II lab balances offer customizable compliance and connectivity solutions. Cubis® II devices support all 21 CFR part 11 and EU Annex 11 requirements through direct integration into existing ELN|LIMS systems, or via Ingenix Suite - a stand-alone solution to manage your balance fleet and weighing data. Ingenix Suite can be deployed with or without an existing ELN|LIMS system on site. 

Your benefits:

  • Connectivity and digital data management either by directly connecting to ELN/LIMS on site or indirectly through Ingenix Suite from Sartorius.
  • Save costs by not paying for middle-ware service and annual costs.
    • All technical controls to achieve 21CFR part11 compliance are implemented in every Cubis® II MCA balance, without the need to invest in additional software and without annual costs. Cubis® II QApp offer one time license.

Why Choose Cubis® II Ultra-High Resolution High-Capacity Micro Balances? 

Minimum Sample Weight

Verified results (according to USP Chapter 41) across the entire weighing range. Tested under actual laboratory conditions.

Performance in Drafty Environment

Proven advantage with a motorized inner draft shield – Tested in Fume Hood.


21 CFR part 11 & EU Annex 11 Compliance following the ALCOA+ principles. Learn more about connected solutions. 

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The modular platform system allows upgrades for features like auto-draft shield functions or built-in ionizer even after purchase.

Built-in Ionizer

The built-in ionizer is upgrade­able and features four ionizer nozzles that ensure fast and efficient elimination of static effects.

Auto Leveling

Automated motorized levelling is available in these new models.

Cubis® II Ultra-High Resolution Ionizer Promotion

Purchase a Cubis® II Ultra-High Resolution balance and receive a free built-in ionizer on your new lab balance.

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