Cubis® II Ultra-High Resolution Balances: From Data Sheet to Reality


Performance of lab balances can be affected by environmental conditions and influences from samples and users, leading to deviations from the instrument specifications. To address this, Sartorius aimed to create a balance that is less affected by environmental effects, resulting in faster weighing workflows and improved specifications.

The Cubis® II Ultra-High Resolution Balances from Sartorius are precise analytical instruments designed to combat environmental influences on weighing results.

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Key Takeaways

Aim: Prove excellent performance of the Cubis® II High- Capacity Micro Balances under real-world lab conditions


  • Determination of the Minimum sample weight according  to USP41 over the entire weighing range
  • Elimination of electrostatic effects
  • Performance under drafty conditions (e.g. in the fume hood)
  • Compensation against air-pressure

This Resource is Designed for:

  • Lab balance users, operators, lab managers

  • Standard labs

  • Governmental labs

  • Pharmacies

  • Those working in academia training, education, and schools

  • Food & beverage industry

  • Pharmaceutical industry

  • Chemical industry

  • Automotive industry

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