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Date Jun 29, 20
SIMCA®-online 16.1

SIMCA®-online 16.1.1 (Q939)

This version contains two fixes:

A note about version compatibility:

  • 16.1.1 works with the same license as earlier SIMCA®-online 16.x versions.
  • SIMCA®-online 16.1.1 clients can be used with a 16.1 server, and 16.1 clients can be used with a SIMCA®-online 16.1.1 server.
  • The SIMCA®-online Database of this build is fully compatible with the previous 16.1 release. There are no database structure changes.

More Information:

Download the 16.1.1 version at /downloads/simca-online.

System requirements and other information in SIMCA®-online 16.1 apply to 16.1.1.

How to install 16.1.1 on a computer without SIMCA®-online

Follow the instructions in the Readme and Installation Guide.pdf included in the zip file and run the setup program. 16.1.1 is self-contained, you should not install 16.1 first.

How to upgrade an existing SIMCA®-online 16.1 installation

Uninstall the previous SIMCA®-online 16.1 version on the server computer. All data and settings will be preserved. Run the installation program for the new version. Repeat this process on all clients.

How to upgrade a SIMCA®-online 16.0 or earlier installation

Follow the instructions in the SIMCA®-online 16.1 KB-article (link above)

Release date

The version of this release is It was released 2020-06-30.


This version has been numerically validated versus specification and 16.1.

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