Date May 02, 14
SIMCA®-online 13.1

SIMCA®-online 13.1.1 (Q799)

The information in this article applies to:

SIMCA®-online 13.1


SIMCA®-online 13.1.1 fixes two specific issues in SIMCA®-online 13.1. There are no other changes in this patch, so unless you are affected by these issues, you don't need to update.

Only the server is updated in SIMCA®-online 13.1.1. Clients need not be updated (the 13.1.0 clients work with the updated SIMCA®-online 13.1.1 server).

More Information:

The fixed issues are described by the following knowledge base articles:

  • Q797: Batch level contribution shows 'missing' for a phase when it is still executing
  • Q798: SIMCA®-online clients stops updating, displays Not Responding in window title

SIMCA®-online 13.2 and later already incorporates these fixes and need not be patched.

The setup program can be used to install the full 13.1.1 product, or be installed over an existing 13.1.0 installation. In the latter case it replaces the old installation completely.

To update an existing 13.1.0 installation on the server computer (since this patch only contains server fixes):

  1. Stop the SIMCA®-online Server 13.1 service and exit any running clients and the server monitor on that computer.Take a note of the service credentials used for the SIMCA®-online server service in the Services control panel. You need to restore these in step 3 since the setup program doesn’t migrate the credentials.
  2. Run the setup program and follow the instructions on screen. This will replace the 13.1.0 installation with the updated 13.1.1 installation.
  3. Reconfigure the service credentials with the settings from step 1.
  4. Start the SIMCA®-online Server 13.1 service again.

Release date
The full version of this patch is It was released on 2014-04-30.