Watch our Tutorial Video to Learn 3 Methods

Do you use syringe filters for sterile filtration? How can you be sure that your filtrate is sterile? Watch our bubble point video and see how easy you can verify the filters integrity.

  • Method A: 10 mL syringe, hand-held
  • Method B: 20 mL syringe, pressure gauge, hand-held
  • Method C: Lab pressure source + pressure minimizer + pressure gauge

Visual Bubble Point Testing of Minisart® Syringe Filters

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Sterile Filtration with Minisart® Premium Syringe Filters


Minisart® filters are almost free of leachables and are the perfect choice for the filtration of additives, reagents, drugs and gases.


Minisart® filters are optimized for sterile filtration of critical liquids. The filters reliably remove particles and microorganisms with no leakage. Test its integrity by performing a simple hand-held bubble point measurement.

Easy Choice

Sterilization by filtration is the fastest solution for bacterial cell removal from liquids with minimal effect on the ingredients. Minisart® NML with surfactant-free cellulose acetate (SFCA) is the best choice for all aqueous solutions with a pH of 4 - 8. It combines fast flow rates with an exceptionally pure and leachable free membrane and is available in many different pore sizes also for the removal of larger particles. Minisart® HY with hydrophobic PTFE have a pH range of 1 -14 are also suitable for venting purposes.

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