In-line Filtration of Groundwater Samples for Heavy Metal Analysis with Sartolab® P20 Plus Application Note

Filter membranes are used for in-field sample preparation to investigate groundwater for dissolved heavy metals. With conventional syringe filters, water from a well is pumped to the surface and then piped into a vessel from which a sample is taken – a multiple-step, time-consuming method.

In contrast, Sartolab® P20 Plus in-line filters offer a one-step process – simply attach it to the tubing and filter the water sample directly. 

This application note demonstrates that Sartolab® P20 Plus in-line filters are five times more effective than syringe filters in terms of throughput and filtration time, without compromising the quality of the sample.

Key Topics:

  • The advantages offered by in-line filters as compared to syringe filters for on-site sample preparation of groundwater for heavy metal analysis
  • Throughput and reduction of turbidity for Sartolab® P20 Plus are superior to those for syringe filters due to the higher filtration a quartz-fiber pre-filter
  • Sartolab® P20 Plus filters do not release or retain relevant amounts of dissolved metal ions, confirming that these filter units do not affect analysis of groundwater

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