Bioreactor designed for easy control of cell growth and fermentation for educational purposes.

The Biostat® A bioreactor has been discontinued.

The Biostat® A is an entry-level bioreactor designed for easy control of cell growth and fermentation. It is ideal for educational purposes and comes with fast load peristaltic pumps and convenient data storage and analysis.

The Biostat® A runs single-wall glass and single-use vessels in a choice of working volumes of 1, 2 or 5 liters maximum.

Product Alternatives for Biostat® A

Ambr® 250 Modular

Ambr® 250 Modular is an innovative, easy-to-use, expandable benchtop system that incorporates from 2 to 8 fully integrated single-use 100 – 250...

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Sartorius Biostat® B Benchtop Bioreactor

Biostat® B

Biostat® B is a universal benchtop controller for 1 - 10 L stirred glass and single-use vessels which can be used for animal and insect cell...

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Biostat® T

Biostat® T is an interactive software training tool and ideally suited to educate students and operators in bioprocess control.

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Biostat® A – Service and Support

Whilst it is not possible to provide new Biostat® A anymore, the service support will still be available for the upcoming years

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This table highlights the key features of our Ambr® 250 Modular and Biostat® B


Ambr® 250 Modular

Biostat® B

Biostat® T




Windows Software

Number of vessels per system



Vessel options

250 mL single-use vessels

1 - 10 L Univessel® Glass and 2 L Univessel® SU


Microbial fermentation and mammalian cell cultivation

Microbial fermentation and mammalian cell cultivation

CHO or Yeast cultivation 

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Sartorius Biostat® B Benchtop Bioreactor

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