Your Professional Start in Cell Cultivation and Microbial Fermentation

BIOSTAT® A is an entry-level bioreactor | fermenter designed for easy control of cell growth and fermentation. It is therefore ideal for educational purposes.

Top Features

Simple and Automatic Aeration Control

The new aeration system of the Biostat® A provides continuous automatic flow control over the full range of each gas used. As a result, Biostat® A does not require any manual adjustment of flow meters and therefore eliminates problems with pulsed aeration. Setting up the bioreactor is straightforward: Just connect the aeration tubing, configure the aeration profile, enter the DO setpoint – that’s it! For cell culture applications, interfaces for four gases (air, O2, CO2 and N2) are available for DO and pH control. The microbial version features two gas lines (air and O2) for DO control.

Integrated Chiller for Microbial Fermentation

Allows fermentation in any laboratory and minimizes water usage. You won’t need to worry about finding a suitable water cooling source for your bioreactor.

Intuitive Operation Even Outside the Laboratory

Thanks to the intuitive user interface, operating the Biostat® A is ideal for beginners, reduces operating errors and speeds up training.

Discover the Biostat® A

Glass and Single-Use for More Flexibility – Every Day

The Biostat® A is available with single-wall glass vessels in a choice of working volumes of 1, 2 or 5 liters maximum. Whether you select our reusable Univessel® Glass version or our disposable Univessel® SU unit with a maximum 2-liter working volume, you can use the same system controller.

Both the Univessel® Glass and the Univessel® SU feature the classic stirred-tank design to give you comparable results. The advantage: The same motor drives the stirrer of both vessels so you can easily change over from reusable to single-use or vice versa.

Select the type and size of your culture vessel on the Biostat® A menu, and all settings including PID parameters will be automatically adjusted.

Multi-Parallel Cultivation for Faster Results

Perform screening studies efficiently with multi-parallel cultivation. Screen your process variables and define the conditions for optimal cell growth and enhanced protein expression.

Download your trial data from the Biostat® A to your notebook, tablet or smartphone. For fast and accurate analysis of your data, use our Chemometrics Toolbox installed on your notebook or PC.


Biostat® A — Your professional start in cell cultivation and microbial fermentation

CHO cell–based production of a secreted model protein using the novel Biostat® A

High cell density Escherichia coli cultivation in a Biostat® A

Propionic acid production of Propionibacterium acidipropionici in a Biostat® A

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