Strong Acids, Bases, Alcohols & Detergents for Bioprocessing

One Single Source for all Bioprocessing Formulations

In the manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals, purification steps are critical to the process; therefore, the equipment and consumables used must be of the highest quality standards. To ensure a robust supply chain and a common approach, Sartorius has the capabilities to produce all the formulations required for a wide variety of applications in downstream processing.

Strengthen Your Bioprocess Formulations Supply

Improved Batch-to-Batch Consistency 

Buffers are manufactured in large quantities according to precisely defined specifications

  • Sterile-grade filtration using Sartopore® 2 PES-membrane filters
  • Liquid production follows cGMP | ISO13485 guidelines
  • Gain in time and scalability; liquids are packaged in single-use Flexsafe®️ bags, with Pre-Designed Solutions ranging from 10L to 200L for such concentrated formulations

Sodium Hydroxide NaOH 1M

Off-the-Shelf 1M NaOH for further manufacturing use

  • Highest quality: NaOH 1M is manufactured with EP | USP grade NaOH and WFI-quality water
  • Proven chemical compatibility with Flexsafe® film 
  • Easy to implement: relevant documentation for dangerous goods available and ADR-validated shipping box 
  • NaOH 1M is typically used for chromatography steps, pH adjustment for media & buffer prep, cleaning of stainless steel equipment.

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