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Compendium - Smarter Solutions for Next-Gen CAR-T Development

Chimeric antigen receptor T cell (CAR-T)-based therapy, using engineered T cells to fight cancer, is a transformative technology that may forever change the landscape of medicine. However, for researchers developing cell-based therapies, delving into the complexities of the immune system can be challenging, especially when using traditional screening and profiling methods.

Recent advances in assay technology, however, are beginning to transform CAR-T discovery and development. These advances provide the speed and sensitivity to support high-throughput, cost effective analysis, and generate deeper, more biologically relevant insights to get you to actionable results faster.  

Download this application compendium to discover how advanced flow cytometry enables you to advance and accelerate CAR-T discovery with:

  • Multiparameter data acquisition for multiple cell types
  • Fast, high-throughput flow cytometry capabilities
  • Powerful, built-in data analysis and visualization tools to streamline workflows
  • Low sample requirements that preserve precious samples and reduce reagent costs

To learn more about information-rich solutions for CAR-T research from Sartorius, visit www.sartorius.com/car-t-research.

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