BIA Separations Is Now Part of Sartorius

Sartorius successfully closed the acquisition of the Slovenian purification specialist BIA Separations. All portfolios represent an excellent fit, adding best-in-class technology for simplifying drug discovery and advancing bioprocessing to Sartorius’ already strong offering. The teams involved look forward to combining capabilities and serving their biopharma and life science customers together.

 Sartorius Closes Acquisition of BIA Separations

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The right chromatography tools for the right tasks - and the skills to use them:

Monoliths for Preparative Chromatography - CIMmultus® Line

Our monolithic columns products serve as robust enabling tools for the purification of large biomolecules

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Monoliths for Analytical Chromatography - CIMac™ Line

Analytical chromatography solutions designed for fast and reproducible HPLC monitoring and quantitation of biomolecules

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Cornerstone® Biomanufacturing Development Services

Technical support, purification process development, analytical method development and immobilization services

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Messenger RNA

The most comprehensive chromatographic toolbox for purification of mRNA - from affinity to reverse phase

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Plasmid DNA

Ready-to-use Process Pack for pDNA purification

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Adeno-Associated Virus

Non-affinity platforms for purification of all AAV serotypes

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FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions

Over Arching Questions

Q: Who do I go to with my inquiries?
A: Your assigned Sales Rep / Account Manager is responsible to handle and qualify leads as well as any incoming inquiries related to the respective sales region or customer. Regarding technical qualifications, an application specialist can provide support if required. This will be arranged via the assigned Sales Rep / Account Manager who will be your main contact in the sales process.

Q: I have a project in progress with BIA Separations, who will be my new contact person (name)?
A: There will be no change - you can continue with the same project contact. We will contact the customers with projects-in-play to provide details for transferring projects and orders to new legal entities.

Q: Who is my main contact for order-related questions?
A: Your local Sartorius Customer Service representative will be your primary contact for any other Sartorius product you are purchasing.

Q: Which Customer Service teams are responsible for product orders?
A: Your local Customer Service will be your first point of contact.

Q: What are the lead times? Who can confirm them for me?
A: Your local Sartorius Customer Service is your single point of contact. Lead times (order to delivery) will vary with the product and the current order and stock level situation. Order confirmations will contain expected delivery dates. For advance information, please discuss your needs with your relevant Sales Rep / Account Manager.

Q: What will happen with the existing open orders?
A: Orders sent to BIA Separations prior to February 15, 2021, will be shipped and invoiced by BIA Separations according to the terms agreed and confirmed.

Q: How to place my new orders and at which entity do I place my order?
A: Starting as of February 15, 2021 new orders should be sent to your local Sartorius Customer Service representative. You can also follow the link to find your local Sartorius sales organization or contact. Orders are to be addressed to the entity mentioned in the Sartorius quote. If you order based on an existing and valid quote issued by BIA prior to February 15, 2021, these will remain valid with Sartorius through their terms. Please contact your local Sartorius Sales or Sales Support who will advise on the right entity.

Q: Do I need a new quote before placing an order?
A: Existing quotes incl. agreed prices remain valid according to the terms mentioned in the quote. After expiration or, if you require a new order for your internal processes, please contact your local Sartorius Sales or Sales Support.

Q: What will be the invoicing procedure?
A: Sartorius will invoice the customer directly. Banking details can be found in the order confirmation. If these details are required beforehand, please contact your local Customer Service.

Q: Do we need to set up a new vendor?
A: We kindly request you to update your system with the new vendor and upload the relevant Sartorius entity according the quotation.

Q: What will be the shipping procedure?
A: Materials will be shipped to customers from established Sartorius Distribution Centers or directly from the manufacturing facilities to customers on behalf of Sartorius. Materials will continue with the standard BIA Separations product packaging and labeling. Delivery notes will come from Sartorius.

Q: Will there be any change of products regarding quality, manufacturing process incl. materials of construction and site, catalog/part numbers, documentation, specifications, certificates, fit-form-function, inner packaging?
A: All above-mentioned quality and regulatory aspects will not be impacted and remain in place for the time being. You will be informed about any relevant changes via our established Change Notification process.

Q: In the case of any changes, what would be Sartorius’ plan in terms of customer notification and change control process? What would be the timeline for such an activity and the date for the last order for products manufactured by BIA Separations?
A: Local Customer Service representative will inform you about any order-related changes as soon as they appear. For other product-related changes, the standard Sartorius change control process will apply.

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