Center for Bioanalytic Metrology

Sartorius has joined the Center for Bioanalytic Metrology (CBM) consortium. The mission of CBM is to develop novel bioanalytical tools and pre-competitive technologies across the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors. Sartorius will set priorities, select projects, and provide mentoring expertise to key analytical project topics. By partnering with academic institutions, pharma companies, and start-ups, Sartorius continues to expand access to innovative opportunities outside the company.

CBM is a newly established research consortium supported by U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF), three U.S. universities (Notre Dame, Purdue & Indiana) and several industrial companies spanning from pharmaceuticals to technology providers. CBM consortium is dedicated to researching new measurement and bioanalytical methods to advance the instrumentation in drug discovery, biopharmaceutical processing, and material manufacturing. These combined areas of expertise ultimately serve to improve the availability of biopharmaceuticals for patients and lower overall health care costs for consumers. For more information on the collaboration with CBM, please fill in the contact form (LINK).

The consortium plans to execute around ten projects per year; examples of these in 2019/2020 include artificial intelligence-driven molecular identification, exosome characterization using a combination of mass spectrometry techniques, and fast in-line chromatography of large molecules.