Biomanufacturing Consortium

Sartorius is an active member of the Biomanufacturing consortium (BioMAN), hosted by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) that provides a pre-competitive environment where stakeholders can work together to develop improvements in biomanufacturing. Members include technology providers lacollaborating alongside end-users of small and large biotech/biopharma companies.

The BioMAN consortium connects industry, academia, and government to identify challenges and best practices in biologics manufacturing by hosting workshops and summits and by conducting projects related to the BioMAN workstreams. An example of exciting projects includes the Competency Model for Biomanufacturing Data Scientists where members are collaborating to define the competency requirements for data scientists in biomanufacturing. In addition, the Aggregation of Raw Material Data for Predictive Analysis in biomanufacturing. This project demonstrates the value of multi-company collaboration in application of data analytics to aggregated raw material data, using an appropriate case study.