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Nov 18, 2021

Ulm: A Cutting-Edge Cell Culture Technology Center in Southern Germany

Video: Guided tour of Sartorius site in Ulm, Germany - Originally broadcast live on Thursday, November 18, 2021.

Sartorius officially celebrated the opening of its Cell Culture Technology Center in Ulm today. The site in southern Germany features special laboratories designed to develop cell lines and optimize cell culture media.

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The Cell Line Technology Center is located at Science Park III in Ulm, a major hub for research and scientific discovery near many of Germany’s top universities. The facility houses approximately 120 Sartorius employees on 65,000 square feet, following a 30-million-euro investment. The site already started operations in 2020. The Mayor of Ulm, Gunter Czisch, and the President of the University of Ulm, Prof. Michael Weber, joined the opening ceremony that was held virtually due to the pandemic.

   Press Release: Sartorius Opens Cell Culture Technology Center

The facility is of central importance for Sartorius’ cell line development services. It offers high-performing stable production cell lines, which are essential for the successful manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals. Sartorius has considerable experience with leading cell line development technology, having successfully completed over 120 cell line development projects, and now has greater capabilities to offer these services with the expanded Ulm site.

   Consult Our Experts: Cell Line Development Services

Around 120 employees are currently working at the Cell Culture Technology Center in Ulm. Sartorius aims to expand further and is now offering a variety of positions at the site, for example in the fields of bioinformatics, computational biology or cell line development. Worldwide, there are over 1,200 open positions waiting for ambitious people.

   Career: Join Our Ulm Team and Grow With Us

Our Cell Culture Technology Center enables us to support manufacturers of biopharmaceuticals even more efficiently so that innovative medicines reach patients faster while helping us to drive growth in a key market of tomorrow.

Hugo de Wit, Head of Cell Culture Technologies and Managing Director of the company’s Ulm site

Sartorius expects continuous strong growth for the current fiscal year and beyond.  To support this growth, and to ensure delivery reliability also going forward, we have started to accelerate and extend the expansion of our production capacities very significantly in all geographies, the Americas, Europe, and Asia. By 2025, Sartorius will more than double capacities for key product groups.

   Capacity Expansions: Demand for Sartorius Products is Growing Rapidly

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