Apr 14, 2021
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People at Sartorius: Shelly Ren

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Shelly Ren at Sartorius Campus in Göttingen

“I have a clear career goal to excel in technical support.”

When talking about woman leaders in China, there is no way around Shelly Ren. In her role as Head of Application Services, she leads a technical application services team of more than 40 people, taking care of customers needs and meeting them  before the customer might even be aware. In this interview, Shelly provides insights into what drives her, and what opportunities she finds at Sartorius.

This article is posted on Sartorius Blog.

Shelly, back when you were a kid, what did you dream of becoming?

I have actually dreamed about being a scientist ever since I was a child. I never considered anything else. Today, as a female scientist and leader, although I feel exhausted and stressed from time to time, I still feel this great passion for my job.

In this passion, what drives you most today?

I have a clear career goal to excel in technical support. Exploring the unknown and constantly challenging myself drive me to make progress forward. Sartorius

gives me plenty of freedom to experiment and explore. As a result, I have initiated some pioneering projects, which have ultimately promoted growth — on a product and business level. The sense of accomplishment and personal growth that these processes have brought me is a valuable life experience. More importantly, in addition to encouraging innovation, the company also provides us with many opportunities to communicate with overseas colleagues. This is a big challenge. However, I enjoy overcoming the challenge and achieving success.

Which particular strength do you think you bring into the business environment?

I believe I have a flexible and patient communication style — like most women I've met actually. This can be a big advantage in technical positions because it complements the rational and logical thinking of many of my colleagues — this is a perfect fit.

What does Sartorius offer women who want to pursue a career?

Sartorius advocates an open and inclusive culture and encourages increasing the proportion of female employees in order to reach gender parity. A good example is that nearly 40 percent of my team members are women. At Sartorius, women will be offered great opportunities for career development as long as they show relevant competencies and proven performance for business growth and contribute to the organization development.

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