Vocational Training

Each vocational training program takes between two and three-and-a-half years. For details, please see the descriptions of each of the occupational fields provided in our job portal.

The dual-study programs take between three and four years. You will find more detailed information in the particular job postings.

The application phase begins about 12 months before the desired beginning date of your vocational training. You can apply as soon as vocational training positions are posted on our online job portal. As a rule, you should apply starting August to begin your vocational training in the summer of the following year. In any case, you can apply as long as the position is posted on our online job portal.

Most offers are available at our headquarters in Göttingen, Germany. We offer vocational education for some professions at our Guxhagen, Germany, site too. You will find the particular location in our vocational training jobs offered.

If you are a vocational trainee you will be trained in all the relevant departments. At the vocational college, you will learn the theoretical basics. If you are participating in a dual-study program, you will alternate between taking classes on theory at a university of applied sciences and doing practical work.

Deine Vergütung richtet sich nach dem geltenden Tarifvertrag und beträgt im zum Ausbildungs- bzw. Studienbeginn etwa 1.000 Euro und steigt nach und nach auf rund 1.200 Euro. 

Zu Beginn jedes Ausbildungsjahres findet eine mehrtägige Orientierungsphase für alle neuen Azubis und dualen Studenten statt. Hier könnt ihr euch gegenseitig kennenlernen und einen ersten Eindruck gewinnen. Daran schließen sich berufsspezifische Trainings an, in denen du Basis Know-How lernst.

Yes, please do apply directly through our job portal.

In the first step, all applications are reviewed. Then we will ask all suitable candidates to take our job-related online test. Once you have passed this test, we will invite you to an in-person interview during which we will get to know one another better. Afterwards, you will find out whether we can offer you a vocational training or dual-study position.

A good pointer from us: Even if you need to sell your skills during an interview, remain authentic and be yourself. You yourself should also use the opportunity afforded by this interview and check whether the vocational training position and Sartorius match your needs and aspirations.

After selecting the particular job offers, we will guide you step by step through the application process and you will have the opportunity to upload your application documents. Please scan all grade transcripts, certificates and/or diplomas and upload these as well as your cover letter and résumé (CV) as PDF files.

No. All positions available are posted on our online job portal. If you do not find any offer that fits your needs, there are currently no vocational training positions available at the site or in the field of your choice.

Do you have a question about a specific job posting? We will be happy to help. 

Please refrain from any inquiry on your application status or an application attempt** via this form. If you have applied for one of our positions and have not received any feedback yet, your application is still being assessed. Your patience is appreciated during this time. Thank you very much.

**Important: Please note that due to compliance and data protection regulations, we can only accept applications submitted via our Candidate Portal.

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