Chemotactic Migration and Invasion Assays for Live-Cell Analysis

Chemotactic Migration and Invasion Assays for Live-Cell Analysis

Use the Incucyte® Live-Cell Analysis System to study chemotactic cell migration across 2D substrates and directional cell invasion through 3D biomatrix gels.

  • Visualize chemotaxis in real time with fully automated analysis
  • Use the Incucyte® Clearview 96-well Plate for highly reproducible 96-well kinetic assays
  • Low cell usage ideal for rare, expensive and primary cell populations
  • Chemotactic gradients are stable and maintained over 72 hours

Chemotactic invasion through 3D biomatrix gels

  • Real time imaging and quantification of cell invasion through 3D biomatrix gels
  • Assess metastatic potential and define the effect of treatments on invasive phenotype.
  • Explore differential biology of chemotactic cell migration and invasion in the same plate.

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Chemotactic transendothelial migration of leukocytes

  • Monitor and quantify directional leukocyte migration across an endothelial monolayer in real time
  • Visualize endothelial monolayer integrity and leukocyte diapedesis
  • Investigate the biological effects of inhibitors and neutralizing antibodies

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Handbook: Live-Cell Analysis

The Live-Cell Analysis Handbook is a companion guide for Incucyte® users.

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Application Note:

Gain additional insights into the mechanism of immune cell killing by combining live cell analysis and flow cytometry into a single workflow

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A Science Oncology Supplement:

Interrogating the molecular basis of cell migration and metastasis

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Commonly Used Approaches

In vitro assays for cell migration and chemotaxis are necessary for both basic-research and drug discovery. The table below shows capabilities and challenges of some common approaches.

Existing Boyden ChambersMicrofluidic Devices

Incucyte® Chemotaxis Cell Migration and Invasion

Chemotactic migration  


Migration in the absence of chemotactic gradients  


Low cell usage (<5,000 per well)  


Suitable for non-adherent cells  


Migration across a surface  


Invasion through a 3D gel matrix




Integrated quantitation




Integrated cell observation




Precision, reproducibility




96-well throughput or higher




Kinetic read-out








Workflow: set up and walk away




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