Analyze label-free and fluorescently labeled chemotactic cell migration or invasion while qualitatively monitoring cell morphology of every cell within each well of a Incucyte® 96-well Clearview Plates.

Cat. No. 9600-0015

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Software Features

Whole-well visualization

  • High-definition images and movies enable detailed inspection of morphology and phenotypic treatment effects
  • Digitally zoom into any image and visually monitor cells in your experiment over time
  • Intuitive image review tools enable quick navigation to data from any well at any time point

Figure 1. Monitor every cell in your experiment. Capture dynamic migration of cell and digitally zoom into any region of the high-definition images and inspect morphology. Orange circles indicate the location of pores in the Clearview membrane.

User-friendly setup and fully automated image acquisition

  • Simple user interface for simple experimental set-up
  • Acquire images over hours or days while cells remain stationary while optics move

Figure 2. Intuitive user interface. Automated image analysis enables real-time review of time-course data and on-the-fly decision making..

Powerful image analysis tools

  • Quantify cells on the top and bottom surfaces of the Clearview membrane
  • Review and modify image analysis parameters with ease– you're in control
  • Quantify cells as they leave the upper surface of the membrane or as they adhere to the lower surface

Figure 3. Automated image analysis. High definition phase contrast images can be acquired on both the top and bottom side of the Clearview Plate membrane. Automated image processing separates cells located on the top surface (outlined in yellow) and the bottom surface (outlined in blue) of the membrane. Pores are outlined in orange. Images are processed as they are acquired, and data can be plotted in real-time.

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Cat. No.

Incucyte® Chemotaxis Analysis Software Module

1 module


Incucyte® Clearview 96-Well Chemotaxis Plates

1 plate


Pack of 10 plates


Incucyte® Clearview 96-well Reservoir Plate

1 plate


Pack of 10 plates


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