Measure cell health, proliferation and viability in real time

Measurements of cell health (proliferation, apoptosis and cytotoxicity) are essential for studying the effects of drugs, culture conditions or genetic modifications on cell growth or viability. They are crucial means for:

  • Ranking compounds in drug discovery screens
  • Investigating the cellular changes that underlie disease pathologies such as cancer, autoimmune disease and neurodegeneration
  • Assessing factors affecting specific biological processes, such as immune cell activation or stem cell differentiation

Common assays for assessing cell health and viability rely on indirect, end-point measurements that are subject to artefacts and cannot be readily verified by morphology changes.

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Real-time cell health and viability analysis without removing your cells from the incubator

With the Incucyte® Live-Cell Analysis System and cell health and viability assays, you can perform real-time cell health and viability analysis without removing your cells from the incubator, saving hours of valuable time and maintaining the quality of your experiments, and drastically improving your lab’s productivity.

Key Advantages

Get the answers you need

  • Real-time continuous analysis—never miss a data point
  • Maintain cells in optimal and stable conditions in the incubator

Save time and money

  • Simplify experiments with Incucyte® reagents and protocols—spend less time troubleshooting, more time investigating
  • Set up, walk away, and review unbiased, automated analyses

Protect your cells

  • Maintain cell health and morphology with non-perturbing proprietary reagent formulations
  • Reduce manipulations and loss of precious cells with mix-and-read reagents

Enjoy research flexibility

  • Compatible with a variety of cell and culture types
  • Multiplex reagents for additional insight


Applications for Cell Health, Viability & Proliferation

Apoptosis Assays

Detect apoptosis in living cells and in real time using simple mix-and-read protocols

Explore Apoptosis Assays

Cytotoxicity Assays

Real time measurements of cell viability using simple mix-and-read protocols suitable for screening

Explore Cytotoxicity Assays

Proliferation Assays

Measure label-free cell growth or growth inhibition and count living cells in real time

Explore Proliferation Assays

Cell Cycle

The Incucyte® Live-Cell Analysis System provides a turnkey solution for analyzing cell cycle progression, so you can derive meaningful results faster.

Explore Cell Cycle

Miochondrial Membrane Potential

An integrated solution to automatically visualize and quantify changes in MMP in real time, all within your cell culture incubator.

Explore MMP Assays

ATP Assay

Gain unprecedented access to cell-type specific metabolic changes in advanced models with continuous imaging and analysis.

Explore ATP Assay

Label-Free Viability

Use AI-driven algorithms to quantify cell viability kinetically based on trained neural networks.

Explore Label-Free Viability


Literature and Documentation

Application Note

Optimizing iPSC Culture Protocol with Growth Factors & Cytokines

Effectively use growth factors & cytokines with iPSC media to preserve pluripotency, support growth & increase time between feedings.

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Application Note

Optimization of SH-SY5Y Differentiation Using Growth Factors and Cytok...

Translational In Vitro Models for Studying Human Development & Disease

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Webinar : Smart Cell Monitoring

Resolving the changing needs of cellular research with continuous live-cell analysis

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Resolving the changing needs of cellular research with continuous live-cell analysis

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Incucyte® Publications for Cell Health & Viability

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Brochure: Incucyte® Cell Health and Viability Assays

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