Advancing Next Generation Therapeutics With Real-Time, Live-Cell Analysis

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Unprecedented advances in medicine are delivering remarkable results for some patients. Recent approvals of CAR T therapies and new approaches in regenerative medicine, for example, exemplify the progress being made. Much work remains, however, to extend the benefits of these game-changing treatment modalities to a larger patient population. Similarly, complex diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, for which there are limited or no options for patients, continue to be the focus of research to drive discovery of new medicines.

Live-cell imaging and analysis has a central role in helping to elucidate the intricate biology and mechanisms of cancer and neurodegenerative diseases and improve next generation therapeutics such as regenerative medicine and immunotherapy. Representing a major step forward from conventional approaches, this technology is enabling researchers to ask and answer new, different and more difficult questions.

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