Quality of Results – Test after Test

Field-proven products designed according to your stringent requirements.

Whether you are testing the sterility of your final products or evaluating the microbial contamination of water, you need to rely on 100% quality at all times. We make it our priority to provide products that ensure the highest level of confidence – test after test so you can mitigate your risks to near zero.

Cannabis Testing

Solutions to enable fast, precise and reliable results in your cannabis analysis.

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Medical Devices

Solutions for Medical Device Development, Manufacturing and Quality Control - Rapidly Boost Your Productivity

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Microbiological Quality Control

Our microbiological QC portfolio is designed to give you the best tools to meet the challenges you face day to day.

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Viability, Vitality, and Cell Count

Automated cell viability analyzers completely integrated into single-use bioreactors to provide real-time measurement and feedback.

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Metabolite Determination

Analysis system for simultaneous online monitoring of glucose and lactate in laboratory and industrial cultivations of microorganisms.

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Virus Quantification

Novel approach enabling direct, biologically-specific quantification of viruses in minutes rather than the days or weeks.

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Biosafety Testing

Solutions developed according to your stringent requirements to mitigate risks to near zero.

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Sample Preparation

Optimize sample preparation for reproducible and specific results from the preparation of solvents and standards to pipetting and filtration.

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Potency Assays

Development, optimization and validation of cell-based bioassays to assess the myriad of functions that can be mediated by a monoclonal antibody.

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Advanced Characterization

Broad range of services for the characterization of cell banks used in the production of biologic drugs and vaccines.

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Critical Quality Attributes

Ensure consistent quality outputs.

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Full Regulatory Compliance

Ensure your compliance with demanding requirements of international regulations.

As quality control in many industries is highly regulated, you cannot afford to be less than 100% compliant. Our products and solutions are aimed at providing full compliance and reliability.

From personnel training and equipment qualification to calibration and microbiological studies, we provide confident compliance for every step along your laboratory workflow.

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