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The Sartorius Lunch & Learn Seminars are designed for any Quality Control personnel wanting more information about specific applications, technologies, regulatory updates and any advancements in the market.  These 60 minute topics have been tailored to be done either virtually or in-person.
When you select a topic, our team of experts will coordinate with you to select the best date and time for your session so that you can sit back, enjoy a break and join us with an in-depth technical presentation.

Check back often as we are adding more topics all the time!

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Sterility Testing

Sterility testing is a regulated, mandatory test which has been a requirement for decades. Even with harmonization across the majority of the pharmacopeias, there is often questions about how to conduct traditional sterility testing. This lunch and learn will cover the regulations, the different methods, and watchouts for sterility testing. There will also be a discussion on the use of Sartorius Sterisart® Universal sterility testing system.

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Weighing Academy

The Sartorius Weighing Academies discuss the basic fundamentals of weighing and the influence external factors can have on the accuracy tracing back to the IPK. The Academy talks about the importance of calibration and qualification of each balance and how to meet the requirements needed to weigh in regulated environments such as GLP/GMP and USP Chapter 41.

Filtration Academy

Filtration basics are crucial for you to select the right filtration devices and membranes in order to sterilize reagents and to protect chromatography columns. The Sartorius Filtration Academy gives an overview of the most important filtration methods and devices. The
practical and theoretical training parts enable you to ensure ergonomic handling and to achieve the fastest process speeds and the highest possible sample recoveries.

scientist weighing with cubis balance

Cubis® II Data Integrity "21 CFR Par 

Data Integrity contains all aspects of data handling during the data lifecycle: generation, usage, storage, modification and deletion. The World Health Organization Data integrity guidance states that data integrity risks are higher when processes are manual or paper based. The “Compliance & Connectivity” presentation will demonstrate how the new Cubis II balance can assist and eliminate risks to data integrity and meet the requirements of 21 Part 11/ANEX11/GAMP requirements.

Pipetting Academy

Technique is key for pipetting. With the right technique, you get the most out of your precious samples and make the best use of your valuable time while pipetting without any pain. The Sartorius pipetting academy will give you the background knowledge and practical insights to work efficiently and safely, choose the right material and ensure efficient and compliant calibration – for best results even in long pipetting series.

Annex 1 – Continuous Monitoring Compliance

Discussion on the use of Sartorius MD8 Airscan + Gelatin Membrane Filters in their application for performing continuous air monitoring for viable organisms in class A / B environments, and during routine equipment set up in order to assess risk exposure as it relates to Annex 1.

Moisture Academy

For a variety of reasons it is important to accurately measure the moist products that we produce on a daily basis. Over the years  organizations such as ASTM, AOAC and ISO have developed standards to be used to determine the moisture content of these various products. These standards typically require long oven tests over several hours. Or, they involve very technical chemical titration testing that requires a degreed chemist to perform the test accurately. There is a need in the market place for a simple to use rapid method moisture analyzers that can produce accurate moisture results on products in minutes rather than hours. This Sartorius Moisture Academy will demonstrate how the Sartorius Moisture Analyzer portfolio is best positioned to meet this requirement over a wide range of industries.


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