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Microsart 6place Manifold for Biosart100

The ability to accurately detect and quantify microorganisms in liquid samples is of prime importance for any quality control laboratory. This is why membrane filtration is the established method of choice for liquid testing as it provides reliable and reproducible results. A suitable and thoughtful filtration equipment is at least as important as high quality membrane filters and reliable media plates. Facilitate your daily microbiological testing procedures with the new Microsart® Manifold: select the proper manifold for your individual microbiological testing procedure, choose between reusable and single use funnels or filtration units, and decide between different sizes of manifolds and enjoy the manifold that adapts to your needs.

Item no.:  168M6-BS100

Availability:  On Request


100% Stainless steel for minimized cleaning effort

  • full autoclavability without disassembly Sterile venting in critical applications
  • reduced risk of secondary contamination Quick connection adapters
  • for fast connection of tubing and fast interconnection of 2 manifolds Low working height
  • for ergonomic working in laminar flow


Microsart® Manifolds The filtration stand that adapts to your need
it 244.3 kB
ru 702.2 kB
fr 843.0 kB
it 840.7 kB

User Manual

Collettore Microsart® Sistema di filtrazione sotto vuoto per il controllo di qualità microbiologico di campioni
it 846.6 kB
Colector Microsart® Sistema de filtración al vacío para el control de calidad microbiológico de
es 812.3 kB
Microsart® Absaugleiste Vakuumfiltrationssystem für die mikrobiologische Qualitätskontrolle von flüssigen Proben
de 779.4 kB
Microsart® Manifold Vacuum Filtration System for the Microbiological Quality Control of Liquid Samples
en 808.0 kB
Microsart® Manifold 真空过滤系统,用于液体样品的微生物质量控制
zh 1.2 MB
Rampe Microsart® Système de filtration sous vide pour le contrôle de la qualité microbiologique d’échantillons liquides
fr 847.6 kB
Microsart® Manifolds The filtration stand that adapts to your need
de 244.9 kB
O-ring set
O-ring set
Item no.: 69MB0002

foot set (5 pieces)
foot set (5 pieces)
Item no.: 69MB0001

set knurled screw / leaf spring

set valve (chick) / lever
set valve (chick) / lever
Item no.: 69MB0004