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BioPAT®Viamass Signal Simulator Set single-use(SU)

The BioPAT® SU Signal Simulater Set for single-use (SU) probes and functionality validation containing two reusable simulators, one high-value signal simulator and one zero low-value simulator (0 pF/cm, 0 mS/cm and 100 pF/cm, 40 mS/cm). Single-use (SU) application in Flexsafe® RM and Flexsafe® STR.

Item no.:  BPV0011


One of the most requested parameters in industrial cell cultivation is the monitoring of biomass. The knowledge of the biomass progress during a fermentation process gives deeper process knowledge and understanding. Offline methods like visual cell counting or semi-automated systems still dominated the biomass measurement in industrial cell cultivation. But these offline methods based on taking a representative sample can not monitor the process continously. The radio frequency (RF) impedance method for online in-situ detection of viable biomass has already become well established in biopharmaceutical apllications using traditional reusable fermenter equipment. But industrial cell cultivation tends more and more to single-use (SU) fermentation solutions. BioPAT® Viamass is the first standardized online biomass measurement solution for single-use fermenter systems, which is fully integrated into the standard fermenter control system and tailored to the single-use fermantation bags such as the Flexsafe® RM and Flexsafe STR®. Integrated into the bioreactor’s DCU and Biobrain® control system, BioPAT® Viamass permits automatic monitoring and control of viable biomass. Reduces the need for manual sampling lower risk of contamination due to lower sampling needsEasy to use plug and play operation for rapid cell expansionReal-time measurement of and feedback on viable biomass Decreased labor and laboratory costs for offline analysisEnsures batch-to-batch consistency Improved data gatheringEliminates operator influence that occurs in manual biomass measurements


Integrated Inline Viable Biomass Measurement in Rocking Motion Bioreactors
en 1.2 MB


BioPAT ® Viamass - Standardized Online Biomass Measurement in Single-Use Fermentation
en 310.4 kB
BioPAT ® Viamass Standardisierte Inline- Biomassemessung in Einwegfermentation
de 320.9 kB


Application of the BioPAT® Viamass Capacitance Sensor in Bioprocesses
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User Manual

BioPAT ® ViaMass Single-use | Multi-use
en 5.7 MB
BioPAT ® ViaMass Single-use | Multi-use
de 5.7 MB
BioPAT ® ViaMass 一次性使用 | 多次使用
zh 5.8 MB
BioPAT ® ViaMass - Single-use | Multi-use
es 5.7 MB
BioPAT ® ViaMass - Monouso | Multiuso
it 5.7 MB
BioPAT ® ViaMass - Usage unique | Réutilisable
fr 5.7 MB
BioPAT® ViaMassСистема измерения для определения клеточной массы (одноразовая | многоразовая)
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  • Usage


  • Additional Required Components
    BioPAT® Viamass electronics for single-use (SU)


  • Instrument Compatibility
    • Flexsafe® RM
    • Flexsafe® STR

Product Information

  • Brand
    BioPAT® Viamass