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The right solution for easy as well as advanced DOE’s, created for the experimentalist

MODDE® Pro is an advanced, high-quality DOE solution from Sartorius Data Analytics. Designed to be straightforward to use, its graphical interface and analytics support give you complete confidence in the way you interpret your results. We have used our 30 years of data analytic experience to turn MODDE® into a powerful solution. MODDE® Pro takes DOE to a new level with its quality analysis functions.

Item no.:  UT-MS-0138


MODDE® Pro provides you with a quality analysis on your decisions and looks at the total risk picture on your overall options. It will warn you about critical settings and guide you towards more robust settings. Some of the unique features is robust optimization and the complementary setpoint analysis including risk estimate. Other specific Design creation features is the reduced balanced multilevel design that solves complicated design problems with elegance.

With MODDE® Pro, you get:

  • Robust optimum identification
  • Identification of acceptance region for operations
  • Interactive setpoint analysis with risk estimate
  • Generalized subset designs
  • Stability testing design setup
  • Perfect complimentary designs
  • Extended Proven Acceptable Range functionality
  • Hybercube inscribed in Design Space

Technical Note

Validation report MODDE 13.0.1
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Readme MODDE Pro 13.0.1
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MODDE 13.0.1 Validation package
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