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Masterflex Easy Load Pump Head - Size 16

Masterflex Easy Load Pump Head - Size 16

Item no.:  VFA012

Price:  $475.00

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The Vivaflow® units are ready to use laboratory crossflow cassettes. They are optimally suited for applications like cell culture supernatant concentration, virus concentration and water concentration. The units come with all necessary accessories for running the device with a laboratory pump. For replacement and additional accessories Sartorius offers a wide range of equipment. - This pump head is required for running the device with a peristalic pump like the Masterflex

Application Note

Vivaflow® and Vivaspin® Workflow in Protein Research Laboratories
en 827.9 kB
The Measurement of Soluble (< 10 kDa) Trace Metals in seawater by the Vivaflow 50
en 269.6 kB


Ultrafiltration Family
en 1.6 MB


Laboratory Filtration Products (US and Canada)
en 9.6 MB


Vivaflow® 50 | 50R | 200 — Unique, “Plug & Play” Laboratory Crossflow Devices
en 677.1 kB

User Manual

Vivaflow 50 | 50R | 200
en 731.4 kB
Vivaflow 50|200
fr 543.1 kB

Product Information

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    Pump Heads