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Polycarbonate Track-Etched Membrane Filters / Type 23007

The white and hydrophilic polycarbonate track-etched membrane filters are manufactured from high grade polycarbonate film using track-etched technology.

Item no.:  23007--25------N

Availability:  On Request

Their capillary pore structure is uniform and precise, with a narrow pore size distribution to retain particles on their surface. Track-etched membranes are an excellent choice for accurate fractionation of particulates because of their precise pore size.

Track-etch technology offers the user distinct performance advantages when excellent surface capture and high sample visibility are required. Their main applications are particulate analysis, epifluorescence microscopy, fluid clarification, cytology, cell biology, bioassays, water microbiology and environmental analysis.


Laboratory Filtration Products (US and Canada)
en 9.6 MB

Product properties

  • Color
  • Diameter
    25 mm
  • Flow rate
    10 mL/min/cm²/0.7 bar (Water)
  • Pore size
    0.2 µm
  • Primary Product Type
  • Grade
  • Wettability
  • Material
    Polycarbonate (PC) membrane
  • Membrane Color | Grid Color
    white (w/o grid)
  • Filter Type
    Membrane Filters
  • Filter Format
  • Packaging
    Non-sterile, bulk packed
  • Pack Size

Technical attributes

  • Thermal stability
    140 °C
  • Bubble point
    4.8 bar
  • Burst pressure
    > 0.7 bar
  • Membrane thickness
    25 µm
  • Filter Material
    Polycarbonate (PC)
  • Sterilization Procedures
    By autoclaving at 121 °C
  • Application
    • Filtration of Aqueous Solutions
    • Solvent Filtration-mixtures
    • Air/Gas Filtration
  • Area of Application
    Particle Analysis