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NutriCoat™ Attachment Solution

Cost-effective, efficient, standardized supplement designed for the attachment of human mesenchymal stem cells under serum-free and xeno-free culture condition.

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NutriCoat™ is a defined substrate based on clinical-grade human Fibrinogen, designed for the attachment of human mesenchymal stem cells (hMSC) in serum-free and xeno-free culture systems. NutriCoat™ Attachment Solution is optimal for adherence of hMSC’s from multiple sources (e.g. AT, CT, BM, DP) when cells are cultured with MSC NutriStem® XF Medium.

The substrate supports long term culturing of hMSC, as well as their enumeration using the colony forming unit-fibroblast (CFU-F) assay under SF and XF culture conditions. NutriCoat™ is a ready-to-use solution store at RT and ideal for cell therapy research applications.


  • Defined substrate containing clinical grade human Fibrinogen (xeno-free)
  • Easy-to-use stock solution for easy handling
  • cGMP Manufactured
  • Suitable for both hMSC expansion and differentiation
  • Supports long-term multi-potency of hMSC
  • Validated for multiple sources of human MSC culture
  • Allows quick transition from research to clinical applications


NutriCoat™ Attachment Solution - Product Sheet
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Safety Datasheet

NutriCoat™ Attachment Solution MSDS (GB)
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NutriCoat™ Attachment Solution MSDS (US)
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User Manual

NutriCoat™ Attachment Solution Instructions For Use
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  • Volume
    1.5 ML

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    Cell attachment
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