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MSCgo™ Chondrogenic Differentiation Medium

Complete, serum-free, xeno-free, ready-to-use kit
Optimized for directed differentiation of hMSCs to chondrocytes

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MSCgo™ Chondrogenic Differentiation Medium is a serum-free (SF) and xeno-free (XF) formulation developed for optimal differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells (hMSC) to mature chondrocytes. The MSCgo™ Chondrogenic Differentiation Medium is validated to efficiently differeniate hMSC from a variety of sources, including bone marrow (BM-MSC), adipose tissue (AT-MSC), and umbilical cord tissue (UC-MSC).

The MSCgo™ Chondrogenic Differentiation Medium kit includes a basal medium and supplement, containing all growth factors and supplements necessary for a complete chondrogenic differentiation medium.  No additional supplements are required.

The MSCgo™ Chondrogenic Differentiation protocol is part of a complete system for multipotency evaluation of hMSCs.  This kit enables reliable differentiation of hMSCs to mature chondrocytes without background differentiation or interruption in cellular metabolism.


  • Serum-free, xeno-free medium
  • All required growth factors and supplements included in kit
  • Reliable differentiation to mature chondrocytes
  • Each lot is application tested
  • Does not contain antibiotics


  • MSCgo Chondrogenic Differentiation Basal Medium:  100 mL
  • MSCgo Chondrogenic Differentiation Supplement Mix :  10 mL

Chondrogenesis Results

Chondrogenic differentiation of hMSC in 3D spheroid culture in the formation of cartilage with a typical extracellular matrix rich of Aggrecan. Aggrecan is a proteoglycan that can be used as an indicator for cartilage formation and can be detected with Alcian Blue, a dark-blue copper-containing dye that acts as an indication of mature chondrocytes. The staining intensity can be vary using different hMSC (e.g. source, age, and passage number). 


MSCgo Differentiation Media - Advanced adipogenesis, osteogenesis and chondrogenesis from hMSCs
en 5.8 MB


en 1.6 MB

Safety Datasheet

en 134.1 kB
en 159.1 kB

User Manual

en 523.8 kB


  • Application Area
    Chondrogenic Differentiation

Compliance Information

  • Animal Origin (AO) / Non-Animal Origin (NAO)


  • Serum Free

Physicochemical Information

  • Adherence/Suspension
  • Formulation
    w/ Phenol red


  • Delivery Condition

Storage Conditions

  • Storage Conditions
    Protected from light
  • Storage Temperature


  • Volume
    100 ML

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