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Polyethylene-Coated Paper / Grade LabSorb

Labsorb is a surface protection paper. It is a highly absorptive grade of paper coated on one side with polyethylene.

Item no.:  FT-1-601-600050

Availability:  On Request

Used with the cellulose side up, the paper absorbs liquids, which are stopped by the polyethylene layer an thus prevented from soaking through. Used with the polyethylene side up, the paper is highly useful for recovery of valuable or toxic liquids.


Carte da filtro per il laboratorio e l’industria
it 9.0 MB
Papiers filtres pour les laboratoires et l’industrie
fr 10.7 MB
Filter Papers for the Laboratory and Industry
en 9.1 MB


Laboratory Filtration Products (US and Canada)
en 9.6 MB


LabSorb — Polyethylene-coated paper for surface protection
en 209.3 kB
LabSorb — Protection des surfaces avec un papier recouvert de polyéthylène
fr 209.0 kB
LabSorb — Protezione di superfici con una carta rivestita di polietilene
it 212.6 kB
LabSorb — Polyethylen beschichtetes Oberflächenschutzpapier
de 208.8 kB
LabSorb — Papel recubierto de polietileno para la protección de superficies
es 208.5 kB

Product properties

  • Color
  • Primary Product Type
  • Grade
  • Material
    Cellulose / polyethylene coated
  • Filter Type
    Surface Protection Papers
  • Filter Format
  • Packaging
    Non-sterile, bulk packed
  • Pack Size
  • Weight
    140 g/m²
  • Dimensions
    600 mm × 50 m

Technical attributes

  • Filter Material
    Polyethylene Coated Cellulose
  • Specifications
    Polyethylene coated paper, absorption : 150 %
  • Area of Application
    Analytical Sample Preparation