Laboratory Equipments Repairs, Spare Parts and Technical Support

Professional support when you need it

In the unlikely event that one of your instruments does not perform the way it should, we’ll be right there to fix it. Our team of around 400 service specialists is trained extensively and is well-versed in the latest trends and technologies. We manage the logistics to provide you with the original spare parts you need. With more than 650 service team members, we continuously work to improve your experiences and attend to your requests – as fast as possible, anywhere in the world.

Repair at Our Advanced International Service Centers

If your product is not functioning optimally, you can send it directly to us for repair, whether or not it is still covered by our manufacturer’s warranty. Our service team will repair your equipment at one of our international repair centers equipped with the most advanced test instrumentation and tools. In repairing your equipment, we use only original parts, and we will calibrate and adjust your instruments according to manufacturer’s specifications.

Exceptional Service

  • Original spare parts used to ensure the best quality
  • Excellently trained technicians and outstanding expertise in metrology
  • Minimum downtime of your equipment

On-site Repairs

It goes without saying that we’ll be right by your side and ensure that your equipment and production lines will be back up and running in no time. Just say the word, and one of our 400 service technicians based around the world will be on the way to your facility.

Dedicated Service Team

  • Re-integration of equipment into your laboratory and process workflow
  • Minimum downtime
  • Manufacturer’s expertise and thorough knowledge of your system

Sartorius Instrument Service: We Ensure the Quality of Your Results

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Original Spare Parts

Highest Quality Guaranteed

At Sartorius, you will obtain original spare parts so you can be sure that the high quality of your product will continue to be maintained.

Ordering of spare parts is easy through our e-shop. Just register once, and you will be logged into the e-shop in subsequent visits.

If the spare part you need is not available in our e-shop or you prefer to receive technical advice before ordering, just complete and submit our Contact Form, and you’ll receive all the help you need.

Technical Support and Repair: Frequently Asked Questions

The quickest method is to use our Contact Form above. Our specialists are ready to help you determine if your equipment needs to be repaired, whether or not it could be incorrectly operated, or if spare parts are in need of replacement.

After troubleshooting to clarify the items above, you will receive a Return Form from us. Please be sure to provide all the information requested. Next, simply send us this form along with your equipment. We will then email you a cost estimate or a quote for a comparable new instrument, depending on cost effectiveness of potential repairs.

Please contact Sartorius Service. Use our contact form and provide us with as many details as possible so that we can help you quickly. The serial number, device category and device type are of particular importance. Once we receive your message, we will contact you as soon as possible to discuss the next steps.

Please first check whether you can order the spare part in our e-shop (login required). If not, please use our contact form. Select the area "I need a replacement part" and provide all of the necessary information. We will then get in touch with you.

Our service technicians are at your disposal and can carry out on-site fault analyses and repairs. You can contact us using our contact form and also directly request a quote on the repair.

Our service technicians will get in touch with you a few days beforehand to arrange a suitable appointment for you.

The service interval is defined in your contract. Before your next maintenance date, we will first contact you in writing and then call you to schedule an appointment.

Information and Instructions on Disposal and Recycling

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